Fall Equinox 2016

Once again we humble ourselves before YHWH and look up to seek His marker days for His appointed times. As we prepare for and do this He ministers to us and brings forth things for us to consider.

Is this just a scientific or mathematical exercise undertaken to merely satisfy the mind and “prove” something like how clever we are or to show some form of mental ascent?  Does it somehow make us special to observe something and report on it? No,no and no again.

This is our fourth year now of observing the movement of the sun on a dial and or measuring device and sharing this observing process whilst enjoined  with others.  It really is still about the heart.  This is reflected in commitment – to care about doing it in the first place and caring about others who we are walking with.

Most don’t care.  They don’t care enough to even think about these days let alone take some action to observe,record and share.  Most just want to click,download and move to the next thing.

It is “inconvenient” to our flesh to setup a device and then have to observe,record and share.  It means you may have to forgo work or business (we have done just that today).  It requires that we submit to His times rather than trying to bend time to suit what is convenient for us.  It requires that we have the discipline to “stay at your post” (again we have done just that over 10 hours today). It requires you to enjoin and engage, discuss and explore (we did just that in a 1.5 hour phone call between Colorado and Sydney).  Is it worth it? Absolutely, for the demonstration of commitment to Abba and to each other.

Brother Henry has built a new metal sundial and Todd has dug the hole through the hard rocky mountain soil and set it up.  Brother Greg in Sydney has setup a simple shadow plot.  From the more complex handcrafted metal dial to the simple shadow plot we seek the appointed time of our King.

We have spent the last week in particular getting our sundials and shadow plots ready,aligning dials at night and observing markings during the day.   The weather once again has been variable in the two locations with intermittent cloud and sun on many days with some rain also.  The point is you don’t give up.

Please see below our pictures and witness:

9-22-2016-1st-dial-12-01-solar-noon-same-mark-or-very-close-as-on-9-21Existing wooden dial in Weston Colorado with markings.

9-22-2016-metal-dial-at-solar-noon-on-the-fall-turn-dayNew metal dial setup in Weston Colorado with markings.

9am230916Shadow plot observation in Sydney Australia – 9am

Observations and markings continued throughout the day until last shadow sighted and marked at this location at 4pm per below.

4pm230916Shadow plot observation Sydney Australia – 4pm

final230916Shadow plot markings Sydney Australia from 8am to 4pm showing a straight line through all shadow points denoting equinox.

Our witness is that we have observed the turn for the Fall Equinox 2016.  Therefore maintaining consistency with our count method we reckon Day 1 of the 7th month – Yom Teruah would be Gregorian day Friday 23 September 2016 if you live in the northern hemisphere or Saturday 24 September 2016 if you live in the southern hemisphere.

Following this count and reckoning will mean:

Day 10 of the 7th month (Yom HaKippurim) Gregorian Sunday *2nd October 2016 in the North or Gregorian Monday *3rd October 2016 in the South. *Remember this feast starts the evening of the day before according to Lev 23:32 and continues through this day.

Day 15 of the 7th month (Sukkot Day 1) Gregorian Friday 7th October 2016 in the North or Gregorian Saturday 8th October 2016 in the South.

Day 21 of the 7th month (Sukkot Day 7) Gregorian Thursday 13th October 2016 in the North or Gregorian Friday 14th October 2016 in the South.

Day 22 of the 7th month (Eighth Day) Gregorian Friday 14th October 2016 in the North or Gregorian Saturday 15th October 2016 in the South.

We then look ahead to the Spring Equinox for the turn of the year.

This is our witness and conviction.  Please as always observe and witness for yourself and walk in the conviction that you have.

May we rejoice in our King Yahushua HaMashiach during this feast season.  Halleluyah!

Todd,Tamara and the Paradigm Shift team