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Earth’s Things Coming To Pass On and Over It : PSALM 105 – ISA 11 thru 24 – JER 7 — YHWH Turns Everything They Do Upside Down — PLEASE REMEMBER A COUPLE YEARS AGO THE USGS LOWERED EARTHQUAKE MAGNITUDES BY A FACTOR OF 1 TO THE 10TH POWER. — Example: A 5.0 TODAY WAS A 6.0 IN THE RECENT PAST. The EQ’s below are but a sample of the diverse places. Read Immanuel Velikovsky’s Worlds In Collision and the 1800 plus scriptures on the earth and the heavens. WWW.HISPLAN.NET AND Skyception – Chapter One | Two Ice Floes

US southwest sizzles as experts predict record Thanksgiving

The southwestern United States was gripped by a heat wave on Wednesday as experts warned of temperatures that would smash century-old records over the Thanksgiving weekend. Temperatures are expected to rise to 91 degrees Fahrenheit (33C) in parts of southern California on Wednesday and Thursday, while

Thanksgiving eruption of Popocatepetl volcano is biggest eruption since 2013 sending ash and gas 1,800 meters above the summit

The Popocatépetl volcano had his strongest eruption since 2013 on Thanksgiving 2017, sending a plume of ash and gas 1,800 meters above the summit.

The Big Wobble: As a heatwave hits Hobart and Adelaide The Bureau of Meteorology predict a ‘rare’ form of the La Nina will bring a wet and cool summer in Australia

The Big Wobble: Salt Lake City ties a 117 year heat record for Thanksgiving with temperatures reaching a balmy 68 degrees F (20 deg F)

The Big Wobble: Thanksgiving warm records tumble as San Diego see’s temperature soaring 93 deg F, (34 deg C)

Aftershocks following rare and destructive M5.4 quakes in South Korea

Following rare M5.4 earthquake on September 12, 2017, southeastern Republic of Korea was hit by another M5.4 on November 15, making these the two largest earthquakes to hit the country since Global CMT and USGS ANSS catalogs began recording in 1977. …

Deer and elk disease comes to Ce

Mysterious booms are being heard around the world – and experts are baffled

Last week, residents in Alabama heard a strange ‘boom’ from the sky

The Javan rhino is now extinct – Strange Sounds

The Javan rhino is now extinct

Agung volcano erupts AGAIN sending dark gray plumes of ash and gas 1,500 m above the summit – Strange Sounds

After Tuesday, Mount Agung volcano erupted strongly AGAIN Saturday, November 25, 2017 sending gray columns of ash and gas 1,500 m above the summit.

The Big Wobble: 2290 tonnes carbon dioxide emission rate – the largest values recorded in recent years has experts worried Mt Ruapehu volcano New Zealand is about to blow


Six-metre long whale washes near Portballintrae, Northern Ireland — Earth Changes —

Those out for a stroll along the Causeway coast yesterday afternoon were in for a shock, after a six-metre long whale washed up on the beach. A member of the public reported the sighting to the Coleraine Coastguard on Friday afternoon at Runkerry…

North Atlantic right whales close to extinction again — Earth Changes —

One of the more hopeful ecological stories of recent years – the slow restoration of numbers of the North Atlantic right whale – has taken a disastrous turn for the worse. Marine biologists have found their population has plunged abruptly in the…

Woman is killed by tiger hours after warning in Uttarakhand, India — Earth Changes —

Had Hema Devi paid heed to warnings of forest officials in Uttarakhand’s Tanakpur, not to venture into the jungle to collect fodder and firewood following reports that a suspected man-eater was on the prowl in the area, she would been alive…

Thousands of dead fish wash up on coast at Kapiti, New Zealand — Earth Changes —

Thousands of dead fish have washed up at a river on the Kapiti Coast , leaving local fishermen bemused. But the Council insists there’s nothing fishy about the large-scale stranding. Newshub spoke to local whitebaiter Swanny, who said he’s never…

Man dies following attack by 4 pit bull terriers in Philadelphia — Earth Changes —

A man died after being attacked by several pit bulls on Thanksgiving night in North Philadelphia, according to Philadelphia Police and media reports. Additionally, one of the attacking dogs was shot and killed by a police officer. Police said the…

Huge sinkhole opens up in Rome — Earth Changes —

The huge crater, five metres deep and three metres in diameter, appeared on Wednesday morning in the Montagnola district. Enzo Foschi was one of the first politicians to post a picture on social media, saying: “Luckily at that moment no one was…

Is another historic snowy owl invasion about to start? — Earth Changes —

Pennsylvania and other northern states could be in the path of another big influx of snowy owls from the tundra of the Arctic again this winter. Indications are building that many of the large owls, referred to by the code SNOW by licensed…

Washington’s Skagit River causes major flooding from highest flow in 11 years — Earth Changes —

Residents along the Skagit River north of Seattle are preparing to evacuate after heavy rains led the river to reach its highest level in 11 years. According to the Associated Press, flooding forced the closure of more than a dozen roads and…

Wrong place, wrong time: American white pelican turns up on Prince Edward Island, Canada — Earth Changes —

Training his binoculars on something white he saw in the Black Pond in Pleasant View on Wednesday, David Aylward was surprised when an American white pelican came into view. He had seen the aquatic birds with the big beaks during vacations in…

Bye-bye Great Bear: Body count is mounting for Yellowstone grizzly bears after US government strips endangered species protection — Earth Changes —

With the recent cold snap, some Yellowstone grizzly bears are slowing down – but it will still be another week or more before they are snug in dens and out of harms’ way for the winter. In a disturbing trend, this year the bear body count…

Koala bear attacks man in front yard in Wahroonga, Australia — Earth Changes —

Brutal attacks don’t normally come to mind when you think of the cuddly koala — but one has left a Wahroonga man in hospital for a week after it bit him in his front yard. Michael Barnett, 84, from Yanilla Ave, Wahroonga was attacked by the koala…

Girl recovering from shark attack off Melbourne Beach, Florida — Earth Changes —

Crystal-clear water and lingering mix swell revealed some excited ocean activity in Central Florida last weekend — both above and below the surface. On Saturday evening, at about an hour or two before sunset, 14-year-old surfer Kaia Anderson was…

64 Areas Reporting Unexplained Booms In 2017! As Quake Upsurge Is Predicted and Patriarch Warns Of The End | Lisa Haven News


The Big Wobble: South Pacific Ring Of Fire is living up to it’s name as a magnitude 6.0 strikes Papua New Guinea as Mount Agung erupts close by


Man badly bitten in shark attack off Monterey Coast, California — Earth Changes —

A man was bitten by a shark Friday when fishing in Stillwater Cove near Pebble Beach in Monterey County, sheriff’s officials said. The man was spear-fishing when he was attacked by the shark, suffering massive blood loss, sheriff’s officials…

End Times Signs: Dramatic Increase in Earthquakes Proven

Earthquake data shows dramatic increase globally; Christ’s Sin Amnesty and the deadline for repentance; Looming Ice Age and its effect on farmers and nations

Nearly 90% of seabirds have plastic in their guts – Australian scientists

The Best in uncensored news, information, and analysis

106 reindeer run down by trains in four days in Norway | Daily Mail Online

Freight trains have killed 106 reindeer in four days after drivers didn’t receive a warning from railway bosses to slow down while driving through the land in Kvalforsbrua, North Norway.

Dead whale found in Chesapeake Bay near Lynnhaven, Virginia — Earth Changes —

A dead whale was spotted floating in the water in Chesapeake Bay west of the Lynnhaven Fishing Pier Sunday. The whale was brought ashore by members of the Virginia Aquarium’s Response Team earlier this afternoon, but the reason for the whale…

Health Officials Warn: 40,000 Could Die As Britain Hit With 3-Week-Long Arctic Cold | Zero Hedge

Britain is facing a three-week long arctic chill that will see temperatures plummet and significant snowfall, according to health officials, who are warning that residents should be prepared for the imminent threat to human health. 40,000 could die from the cold.

11/25/2017 — Alabama Mystery “Booms” Solved — “BAMA BOOMS” from SEISMIC PRESSURE TRANSFER | Dutchsinse


There Have Been 698 Earthquakes In California Within The Past 30 Days

Why is the west coast shaking so violently?  According to the latest data from Earthquake Track, there have been 698 earthquakes in California within the past

The experiment ancient Greeks used to show Earth is round | Daily Mail Online

A Nottingham Trent University researcher says that if children try out simple experiments for determining the Earth’s roundness, it could reverse the resurgence of beliefs in a flat Earth.

Mount Agung volcano: Bali rivers flooded with sludge | Daily Mail Online

These terrifying photos show massive lava flows surging down the rivers surrounding Bali’s erupting Mount Agung, as fears grow the volcano is set to blow.

The Big Wobble: For the third month in a row South Dakota see’s warm records smashed after a high of 72 degrees F (22degC) brings November to a close


The Big Wobble: A Mount Agung explosive eruption could conveniently drop global temperatures by 0.4–0.7 °C (0.7–1.3 °F) causing a year without summer across the planet


Thousands of snakes overwhelm homes in Bangkok, Thailand — Earth Changes —

Panarat Chaiyaboon was using the toilet in her downstairs bathroom in July when she felt a sharp bite on her thigh. She jumped up to see a scene straight out of a nightmare: an 8-foot python emerging from her toilet. She rushed to the hospital,…

Humpback whale carcass found on coast of the United Arab Emirates — Earth Changes —

A dead whale carcass measuring 16 metres has been found floating off shores near Khor Fakkan port, an official said on Monday. The carcass was spotted by a fisherman who reported the find to UAE Coast Guard around 6am. Hana Saif Al Suwaidi,…

Heartstopping moment fearsome tiger shark swims just feet away from oblivious paddlers

Unsettling drone footage captured the 8ft predator lurking near the Miami beach coastline in Florida last Friday

Parts of Siberia are Colder Than Minus 60 Degrees Fahrenheit, and It’s Only November | The Weather Channel

This is much colder than average for this time of year, even by Siberia standards.

The Big Wobble: Magnitude 6.7 – Central Mid-Atlantic Ridge is the 17th major quake of a busy November


Lobster with Pepsi trash ‘tattoo’ found in deep waters off New Brunswick coast, Canada — Earth Changes —

Fisherman Karissa Lindstrand drinks a lot of Pepsi every day — so imagine her surprise as she was banding lobster claws and came across a lobster with the image of a Pepsi can on it. “It looked like the image was tattooed on the lobster claw,”…

Temperatures in Siberia dropping to -79°F/-60°C and winter is just beginning — Earth Changes —

As mild temperatures encompass a large swath of the contiguous United States this week, parts of Siberia are experiencing temperatures colder than minus 60 degrees Fahrenheit – and it’s only November. A low temperature of minus 69 degrees…

Earth moves for residents of Darwin, Australia as earthquake strikes in the Banda Sea more than 700km away — Earth Changes —

TERRITORIANS felt the earth shake under them today as an earthquake struck in the Banda Sea – more than 700km away. The 5.7 magnitude quake was felt in Darwin just before 10am. Geoscience Australia senior seismologist Phil Cummins said the quake…

Wrong place, wrong time: Nazca Booby from the Galapagos Islands turns up at Dana Point, Califorina — Earth Changes —

At Dana Point on Monday, Robin Lowe was on a mission — to get a glimpse of a rare bird said to be hanging out near local waters far from its home on the Galapagos Islands. “I’m still smiling ear to ear,” she said after seeing the Nazca Booby…

Mysterious night flashes seen near erupting Mt. Agung in Indonesia — Earth Changes —

Today I was watching the 10-minute imagery from the Japanese Himawari geostationary weather satellite for the next eruption of Mt. Agung in Bali, Indonesia, and in the last hour or so there have been some distinct flashes in the nighttime…

Elephant crushes mahout to death in Thailand — Earth Changes —

Dumb-no! A celebrity elephant — who has starred in movies and commercials — crushed its owner to death at a zoo in Thailand on Monday, according to reports. “The elephant suddenly turned back and used his trunk to grab the victim. Then the…

Over 45 dolphins wash ashore in Tamil Nadu, India; 4 carcasses found — Earth Changes —

A pod of close to 45 dolphins washed ashore near Punnakayal village, located 30 km away from Thoothukudi town, on Monday. While many of the dolphins were alive, as many as four were dead, according to local sources. Sources said that each of the…

For years, mysterious booms have plagued Twin Falls, Idaho — Earth Changes —

For the last several years, and some say longer, the Magic Valley has been under some sort of siege. “I would describe it as something similar to a sonic boom,” said one resident. “There’s an audible boom and then it shakes,” said another. “It’s…

Massive sinkhole swallows car in Manchester, New Hampshire — Earth Changes —

A car was pulled out of a sinkhole caused by a water main break on Langdon Street in Manchester, New Hampshire, early Wednesday morning. Police reported the break at 5:46 a.m., asking the public to avoid Langdon and Canal streets.

Extremely rare visitor: Black vulture seen in Newfoundland, Canada — Earth Changes —

When Ken Knowles saw a photo of a Black Vulture turn up in the Newfoundland Birdwatching Group on Facebook, he thought it must have been posted by someone from outside the province. Then he read the text. “I immediately went into a panic,” said…

Ramapo Fault waking up? M5.1 earthquake downgraded to M4.1 quake felt from New York City to Baltimore

Is the Ramapo Fault waking up? M5.1 earthquake downgraded to M4.1 quake felt from New York City to Baltimore on November 30, 2017

Criminal blood water released by salmon farms in pristine waters in British Colombia Canada – Strange Sounds

Bloody effluent, untreated and infected with Piscine Reovirus, is being dumped into the pristine waters of British Colombia, Canada by salmon industry video

The Big Wobble: A mag 6.0 – 59km NNW of Finschhafen, Papua New Guinea is the second major quake to strike on this first day of December


The Big Wobble: Three earthquakes hit eastern Iran in quick succession close to Isfahan and Bushehr Nuclear sites (how long before one receives a direct hit?)


North Texas earthquakes occurring on faults not active for 300 million years

Study by Beatrice Magnani, USGS and other SMU scientists shows recent seismicity in Fort Worth Basin occurred on faults not active for 300 million years. The study indicates reactivation of long-dormant faults as a consequence of waste fluid injectio…

IFAW probes latest right whale death on Nantucket, Massachusetts — Earth Changes —

Scientists say they cannot determine what may have killed the right whale that washed up on Nantucket over the weekend. A whale carcass was discovered on a Medaket beach on Sunday. Research teams from the International Fund for Animal Welfare and…

Anomalous warm spell surges temperatures 50+ degrees above average in Greenland – Strange Sounds

An anomalous warm spell sent temperatures soaring in Greenland on November 29, 2017 with temperatures above the freezing mark as far north as northwest Greenland.

Huge mass of molten rock rising under parts of New England, Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts – Strange Sounds

An enormous mass of molten rock is rising under parts of New England, Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts and nobody knows when it will blow.

The Big Wobble: Earthquakes in strange places: The Mediterranean islands of Cypress and Malta along with northern Libya hit with mid mag quakes


Tourist dead after shark attack off Cocos Island, Costa Rica; second person injured — Earth Changes —

A tourist has died after being attacked by a shark in an underwater rampage that also left a dive master seriously injured. The American woman was diving with a group of tourists off the Costa Rican island of Isla Del Coco when the tiger shark…

Dead sperm whale found on beach in Domburg, Netherlands — Earth Changes —

A dead 13.5 metre long sperm whale has washed up on a beach in the south of the country. The whale, a male, has some injuries to its tail but is otherwise in good condition and experts are on hand to try to determine the cause of death. ‘It…

Wrong place, wrong time: Rare bird seen for only the second time in Bermuda — Earth Changes —

An unusual feathered visitor has been spotted for only the second time in Bermuda. Birdwatcher Ian Fisher snapped a picture of a western tanager, first sighted in 2006 by David Wingate, in Ferry Point Park, the same location as the American…

Brian Head Fire led officials to uncover survivalist’s explosive-filled bunkers hidden near makeshift cabins – The Salt Lake Tribune


San Diego opens giant tent to contain hepatitis outbreak

SAN DIEGO (AP) — San Diego on Friday opened the first of three industrial-sized tents to house the homeless as part of the city’s efforts to contain a hepatitis A outbreak stemming from the deplorable conditions people were living in on the streets.

Ventura County, California wildfire: Thomas Fire explodes to more than 50K acres as homes burn |

The wind-driven Thomas Fire exploded to 70 square miles with zero percent containment Tuesday.

Mysterious riverbed elevation causes massive fish kill in the Philippines and terrifies residents – Strange Sounds

The riverbed of Candaguit River in the Philippines suddenly bulged up, killing numerous fish and terrifying residents who don’t understand what’s going on.

3 months after Hurricane Harvey thousands still without clean drinking water in parts of Texas – Strange Sounds

In December 2017, more than three months after Hurricane Harvey, thousands are still without clean drinking water in parts of Texas.

Southern California is a tinderbox right now: The annual wet season has begun with almost no rain – Strange Sounds

The Southern California region is a tinderbox right now with the annual rainy season with almost no rain and drought contitiond until at least mid-December.

In pictures: Huge albino python captured in DeSoto, Texas – Strange Sounds

In pictures: Huge albino python captured in DeSoto, Texas

The Big Wobble: 60,000 acres, 70 square miles with zero percent containment: Thomas fire driven by ferocious Santa Ana winds approaches downtown Ventura


The Big Wobble: Earthquakes in strange places: A magnitude 4.0 strikes near Albacete Spain and is the third quake to be recorded there in the last few days!


Shallow M4.2, M2.8 earthquakes hit northeast Oklahoma

The U.S. Geological Survey registered two shallow earthquakes near Stillwater in northeast Oklahoma on December 5, 2017. The first, registered as M4.2 at 04:26 UTC (22:26 CST, December 4) hit at a depth of 3.3 km (2 miles) and the second, registered …

Shiveluch volcano in Russia erupts spewing hot ash 6 miles into the sky — Earth Changes —

A Siberian super volcano has terrified experts after it began spewing piping hot ash 6 miles into the air. Scientists working at the geophysical department of the Russian Academy of Science in north-eastern Russia’s Kamchatka Krai region have…

Parts of Balochistan in Pakistan see lowest temperature in decades — Earth Changes —

A spell of extreme cold has returned in districts of Balochistan after decades, with lowest temperatures recorded in Quetta and Kalat, according to the meteorological department. In Kalat, minimum temperature was recorded at -12°C after 31 years….

Coyote attacks 3-year-old girl on front porch in Snoqualmie, Washington — Earth Changes —

People in the Snoqualmie Ridge area have been running into more coyotes this past week. On Thursday, father Douglas Lucas says his three-year-old daughter was attacked by a coyote who came up to the front porch of their home and pounced on the…

Sperm whale carcass washes up on beach in Hopetoun, Western Australia — Earth Changes —

Leaders of a popular tourist town on Western Australia’s south-east coast have been left with a 45-tonne headache, after a dead sperm whale washed up on a popular tourist beach. Initially spotted last week, the carcass became caught on a reef…

A force to be reckoned with: Seismologists report that a volcano is building up under New England — Earth Changes —

Are you frustrated that your favorite team seems to always lose to the Boston Celtics, New England Patriots or Boston Red Sox? Help may be coming, if you can wait a few years. “The upwelling we detected is like a hot air balloon, and we infer…

Unusual animal behaviour: ‘Aggressive’ wombat euthanised after attacking people in Tasmania — Earth Changes —

A rogue wombat which routinely terrorised people at a sleepy Tasmanian beachside township has been caught and killed over fears for public safety. The combative marsupial was attacking adults and children near Weymouth in the state’s north,…

Dozens of dead sharks found on beach in Queensland, Australia — Earth Changes —

Dozens of dead sharks have washed up on a North Queensland beach, with mystery surrounding how the animals died. Concerned resident Lance Payne made the grisly discovery last month while scouring Louisa Creek Beach, south of Mackay. The…

Two labourers killed by landslide in Ramban, India — Earth Changes —

Two labourers died, when they got buried under debris due to labdslide in Batote area of Ramban district in Jammu and Kashmir on Sunday. “Two local labourers working on the Seri-Sencha PMGSY link road this afternoon got burried under the debris…

Major shallow 6.0 magnitude earthquake strikes near the coastal city of Bahía de Caráquez, Ecuador — Earth Changes —

A 6.0 magnitude earthquake has struck near the coast of Ecuador. It occurred 11 miles north east of the coastal city of Bahía de Caráquez at a depth of 15 miles in the South American country. The quake hit at 6.19am local time, the United States…

17-foot python that could ‘pretty much kill any full-grown man’ caught in Everglades – Sun Sentinel

A 17-foot-long, 132-pound Burmese python was caught in the Florida Everglades, a record for the program aimed at curbing the proliferation of the non-native species, according to media reports.

The Big Wobble: A rare late-season toxic algae bloom apparently thriving in cold waters affecting hundreds of acres of productive clam flats in Maine US


The Big Wobble: The Russian colossus Shiveluch Volcano spews ash 10 kilometres (6 miles) into the sky! A “giant eruption” with powerful lightning in the ash column


SoCal Wildfires: Los Angeles, Ventura declare state of emergency as 200 000 evacuate

California Gov. Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency in Los Angeles and Ventura counties in response to several rapidly spreading wildfires. More than 200 000 people in Southern California were forced to evacuate their homes as several wildf…

Öræfajökull caldera in Iceland deepens by about 20 metres — Earth Changes —

Volcanologist Ármann Höskuldsson says that the situation at Öræfajökull volcano is “Far from normal.” There’s still geothermal heat in the area and the caldera has deepened by some 20 metres. A 3-D image made by specialists at the Geological…

Here’s how rare it is to have large California wildfires burning in December — Earth Changes —

There are at least six active wildfires burning in Southern California right now. That’s nearly the total of all large December wildfires from 2000 to 2015, according to Cal Fire statistics. The map below shows active fires as of noon, Dec. 6. If…

Wild boars charge into school in Kyoto, Japan — Earth Changes —

A pair of wild boars charged into a Kyoto school Monday morning, wreaking havoc and disrupting classes. The nearly three-foot-long boars raced about Higashiyama Middle School and High School. Students were evacuated. One male student said he…

Brown snake like algae washed up on Russian coast — Earth Changes —

The invasion of huge serpent-like “monsters,” reaching more than 20 meters in length, left villagers on to the Chukotski Peninsula puzzled and scared. However, when specialists studied these “sci-fi horror movie creatures” to find out their…

California Fires Enter the Heart of Los Angeles – The New York Times

A brush fire erupted near the Getty Museum before dawn on Wednesday, while a much larger fire continued to rage out of control in the Ventura area.

Preliminary magnitude 4.2 earthquake strikes near San Diego |

A magnitude 4.0 earthquake shook an area about an hour outside San Diego Wednesday and was followed by several aftershocks, according to the USGS.

The Big Wobble: It’s now a total of six massive wildfires raging out of control in southern California: 2017 record breaking year around the world!


The Big Wobble: M 6.4 – 50km WNW of Fais, Micronesia is the third major quake of the day and the second to hit the island


Iceland’s Öræfajökull volcano may be about to erupt for first time since 1728 — Earth Changes —

The last but one time Oraefajokull spewed ash into the sky, the area around it had to be abandoned for decades. A long-dormant volcano in Iceland may be about to erupt, scientists fear. The Oraefajokull volcano last spewed out ash and lava in…

State of emergency declared in San Diego as yet another California inferno burns homes — Earth Changes —

The Lilac Fire in San Diego North County has burned two people, charred 2,500 acres and destroyed 20 structures. The blaze erupted after several other fires raged throughout Southern California and even into West Los Angeles. Lilac Fire The Lilac…

46 Earthquakes Have Shaken California Over The Past 24 Hours – The American Dream

It appears that something unusual is happening along the California coastline. Over the past 24 hours, California has been hit by 46 earthquakes. That is

M5.1 earthquake destroys 42 houses on Sumatra, Indonesia – Strange Sounds

An M5.1 earthquake caused destruction in three districts of the province of Bengkulu, in southwest Sumatra in Indonesia on December 5, 2017.

The Big Wobble: Kanlaon volcano Philippines rumbles back to life adding to Bali’s Mount Agung volcano eruption and 3 major quakes in 24 hours in the South Pacific


San Diego firestorm, Agung plume, Mexico and Texas snow — Earth Changes —

San Diego fire weather is so extreme, purple is the new red. Sources

Woman killed by pack of pit bull terriers in Jackson County, Alabama; second such attack in the state in 10 days — Earth Changes —

Officials have confirmed that one woman was killed in a dog attack this morning while another woman was injured. Deputies say they found 24-year-old Emily Mae Colvin dead on arrival. The Jackson County Sheriff’s office said they received a call…

Earth’s magnetic field is about to reverse with devastating consequences for humanity – Strange Sounds

The Earth’s magnetic field is about to reverse. And this will have devastating consequences for humanity. What Happens When Earth’s Magnetic Poles Reverse?

7 impressive and baffling phenomena recorded around the world videos – Strange Sounds

7 impressive and baffling phenomena recorded around the world. Watch the cool videos here and share the post if you like it!

The Big Wobble: 25 million southern Californian’s breathing in dangerous levels of PM particles 30 times finer than a human hair which cause heart attacks strokes cancer and respiratory diseases.


The Big Wobble: 127 year old warm record smashed as snowless Calgary in Canada bask’s in 15 deg C ( 60 deg F) temperatures


The Big Wobble: Pacific ring “ON FIRE!” 4th major quake hits the area in just over 24 hours along with Philippines Kanlaon and Mount Agung volcanoes rumbling back to life


Three earthquakes with magnitudes of 3.7, 3.8 and 3.5, strike near Mammoth Lakes in California – Strange Sounds

Three earthquakes with magnitudes of 3.7, 3.8 and 3.5, strike near Mammoth Lakes in California… Hopefully the Long Valley Caldera is not waking up!

Whale carcass found near Coromandel beach in New Zealand — Earth Changes —

A stinking, rotting dead whale found near Coromandel Peninsula’s Tairua beach on December 9 was heading for shore. David Wadams, who has had a holiday home in Tairua for the past 27 years, said he spotted the whale from the beach about 7:30am,…

At 230,000 acres, California’s Thomas fire is now the fifth-largest wildfire in the state’s history — Earth Changes —

Santa Barbara County was under siege from the Thomas fire Sunday as fire crews fought to keep the destructive blaze from the region’s picturesque beach communities. Authorities said the out-of-control blaze had scorched 230,000 acres by Sunday…

6.0 magnitude earthquake hits western Iran — Earth Changes —

Iranian media reports say an earthquake has struck western Iran, near the border with Iraq. Iranian state media said the quake was a magnitude 6.0. The U.S. Geological Survey reported it was 5.4. Last month, the same region was struck by a…

Powerful earthquake swarm of over 100 recorded at Skjaldbreiður volcano in Iceland — Earth Changes —

The powers which created Iceland and continue to shape its geography were on full display over the weekend as a powerful earthquake swarm shook Þingvellir National Park, one of Iceland’s most spectacular natural monuments. The earthquake swarm…

Apocalyptic mushroom cloud spotted above California | Daily Mail Online

The cloud, which resembled an erupting volcano or a nuclear bomb, was seen above the San Ynez Mountains of western Ventura County in the Los Padres National Forest, California.

These 49 giant sinkholes form the largest cluster of sinkholes in the world – Strange Sounds

There are at least 49 massive sinkholes scattered in a 200-km karst area in NW China’s Shaanxi, which form the largest sinkhole cluster in the world.

Mysterious smoke rings form in Oceans sucking-up small creatures before sending them flying – Strange Sounds

Mysterious smoke rings form in Oceans sucking-up small creatures before sending them flying in strange eruption-like phenomena.

Sign of God? Miraculous water gushes out of a tree in Cameroon, Africa and in India in videos – Strange Sounds

Another unbelievable sign of God? Miraculous water gushes out of a tree in Cameroon’s jungle in Africa and in small village in India. Watch baffling videos.

The Big Wobble: As California tackles, one of it’s biggest wildfires in history reports claim nearly 1 billion (963 million) dead trees in California and Colorada alone


The Big Wobble: With heavy water reactors, nuclear sites, research reactors and uranium mines within the Arabian tectonic plate Iran suffers another major quake


The Big Wobble: Stunning ‘apocalyptic glow’ form over parts of California as the Thomas fire has the upperhand over 7,000 firefighters with winds expected till Thursday


Fin whale dies after being stranded at Newport News, Virginia — Earth Changes —

A large whale has been spotted in the Newport News Channel just off King-Lincoln Park Beach near the Monitor Merrimac Bridge-Tunnel. On Tuesday morning, the whale was moving and appeared to be stuck in the shallow water. The whale was declared…

Bizarre sight as hundreds of birds found dead on a road in northern Sweden — Earth Changes —

Translated by A bizarre sight hit Mikael Lind from Örnsköldsvik. Hundreds of gray birds suddenly died in the middle of the road. “It was surreal,” he told SVT News. He was headed towards Gottne in November when he saw the birds just…

Eurasian mistle thrush turns up in New Brunswick, Canada; first record for North America — Earth Changes —

A “mega-rarity” bird blew into Miramichi over the weekend, and it’s attracting bird lovers from across Eastern Canada and the U.S. who’ve never seen one in North America before. Peter Gadd said a European mistle thrush landed near a mountain ash…

Strong M6.5 earthquake hits Bouvet Island in Southern Atlantic – Third earthquake above M6.0 within 24 hours – Strange Sounds

Strong M6.5 earthquake hits Bouvet Island in Southern Atlantic. This is the third earthquake above M6.0 within 24 hours after two tremors hit Iran Dec. 12.

Shallow 4.0 magnitude earthquake strikes northern Oregon; shaking felt across metro region — Earth Changes —

A magnitude 4.0 earthquake struck west of Molalla, Oregon on Wednesday evening. KGW viewers reported shaking across the metro region. The earthquake struck at 5:24 p.m., about 17 kilometers deep, according to the Pacific Northwest Seismic…

All 50 states have recorded snow two weeks ahead of Christmas — Earth Changes —

As of December 12 2017, 23.6% of the U.S. surface is covered with snow, but what is especially striking is that more than two weeks before Christmas day, all 50 states have seen snow on the ground despite much of it rapidly melting away in some…

Incredible timelapse film released by NASA shows new island being formed out of ash from erupting volcano — Earth Changes —

An incredible timelapse video released by NASA shows a new island being formed after a submarine volcano eruption in the Tonga. Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai, which is made up of a volcanic ash, could now remain for up to 30 years, according to a…

UK reels from five-day freeze with another severe weather warning issued — Earth Changes —

Commuters face another day of difficult journeys as icy conditions look set to continue through rush hour for much of the UK. Following a weekend gripped by the coldest temperatures of 2017, the freeze is expected to loosen its hold on Wednesday….

Thousands of ice balls wash up in the Gulf of Finland on the Russian coast — Earth Changes —

Strange ice balls that washed up on the coast may have been caused by oil pollution, an ecological expert has said. A video shows the strangely uniformly sized ice balls washing up in the Gulf of Finland in north-western Russia. Ecologist Ilya…

IS HELL ENLARGING ITSELF (ISAIAH 5:14)? Scientists Capture Mysterious Hum From Deep Inside Earth… And No One Knows What It Is » SkyWatchTV


Enhanced volcanic activity worldwide: AGUNG (Indonesia) , CLEVELAND (Alaska), SAKURAJIMA (Japan), NEVADO DEL HUILA (Colombia), SANTIAGUITO (Guatemala) – Strange Sounds

Enhanced volcanic activity around the world: AGUNG (Indonesia) , CLEVELAND (Alaska), SAKURAJIMA (Japan), NEVADO DEL HUILA (Colombia), SANTIAGUITO (Guatemala)

Family of deer commits suicide jumping from a bridge in video and pictures – Strange Sounds

A family of panicked deer jump from a bridge in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on Dec. 10! But why is this herd of deer panicking such a way? Horrifying video & photos.

The Big Wobble: Summer madness arrives in Australia as temperatures hit the mid 40’s C (113 deg F) in Sydney


Thomas Fire burned 242 500 acres, destroyed 751 structures and is just 30% contained

The Thomas Fire in California is burning for 11 days and is 30% contained as of December 14, 2017. The fire has so far burned 242 500 acres, making it the fourth largest fire in California’s history. Its cause is still under investigation. The Th…

Cleveland volcano explosion recorded with ash to 20,000 ft altitude in Aleutian Islands, Alaska — Earth Changes —

The Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO) raised the aviation alert level of the volcano back to orange after an explosion was detected from the volcano this morning 04:20 AKST local time (13:20 UTC). Today’s eruption was detected in seismic and…

Man fights off leopard with his bare hands in Uttar Pradesh, India — Earth Changes —

This is the terrifying moment that a 60-year-old man fights off a leopard with his bare hands. Blood curdling screams can be heard as the man wrestles with the big, muscular cat in the video, after it went on a rampage in an Indian village where…

Pedestrian and bus driver severely mauled by Tibetan Mastiff in eastern China — Earth Changes —

A woman was saved by a heroic bus driver while being attacked by a Tibetan Mastiff in the middle of a road in east China. CCTV footage captured the moment the driver fended off the dangerous dog with a fire extinguisher. The woman and the driver…

The Big Wobble: Major quake or major eruption alert Kanlaon Volcano Philippines hit by over 2,000 quakes as solar wind and tropical storm Kai-Tak ramp up chance


The Big Wobble: Since the Civil War, half of Southern California’s largest wildfires have occurred in the last 15 years as Thomas fire set to become the biggest ever


Dangerous M6.5 earthquake hits Java Indonesia – Tsunami warning and pictures and videos of damages – Strange Sounds

Dangerous M6.5 earthquake hits Java Indonesia on December 15, 2017. Tsunami warning for the coast of Java and pictures and videos of damages.

Sea lion attacks swimmers on consecutive days in San Francisco Bay — Earth Changes —

The Golden Gate National Park Service on Friday closed San Francisco’s Aquatic Park to swimmers after a second sea lion attack. Fire officials told the public to avoid the area after a second sea lion reportedly attacked a swimmer in the park’s…

Virus outbreak disfigures bighorn rams in Yellowstone National Park pictures – Strange Sounds

This is not a zombie invasion… It’s just a virus outbreak that completely disfigures bighorn rams in Yellowstone National Park. Don’t approach bighorns!

The Big Wobble: NEW NORM! 5 most destructive fires in California’s history happened in 2017 as another 7 countries recorded their largest wildfires during 2017


Massive mudslide hits Villa Santa Lucía in southern Chile, leaving 3 dead, 15 missing

A massive mudslide tore through a small town of Villa Santa Lucía, Palena Province of Los Lagos Region in southern Chile on Saturday, December 16, 2017, burying a vast swath of the town under mud and debris. At least 3 people have been killed …

Coldest summer for 100 years in Queensland, Australia — Earth Changes —

While sweat and Queensland summer go hand-in-hard, people in the state’s west are reaching for cardigans as overnight December temperatures break record lows. From Birdsville to the Gulf of Carpentaria, temperatures dropped to 11 degrees Celsius…

Sunshine Coast farms terrorised by ‘Yowies’ | Daily Mail Online

Farmers on the Sunshine Coast are being terrorised by mystery creatures ripping open cages, killing animals and bellowing chilling howls in the night that some believe are the mythical Yowies.


Heavens :   NASA Cult Vs YHWH’s Knowledge – Project Blue Beam last three phases are Terrorism, then the Meteor/Asteroid invasion, and finally the Alien Invasion. When a solar storm hits the earth storms and some geo effects increase. When a coronal hole storm hits the earth from the sun, volcanoes and earthquakes increase. Any effect from the sun increases various aspects in different magnitudes. Also…. Read Immanuel Velikovsky’s Worlds In Collision and the 1800 plus scriptures on the earth and the heavens — YHWH Turns Everything They Do Upside Down. WWW.HISPLAN.NET AND Skyception – Chapter One | Two Ice Floes AND Space Weather Health Alerts Map


Major flooding hits Montego Bay, causing severe infrastructural damage, Jamaica

Major flooding hit Jamaica’s Montego Bay, the capital of Saint James Parish in the country’s northwest, on Wednesday, November 22, 2017. The flooding brought traffic to a standstill, flooded buildings, stranded numerous residents and resulted…

600+ homes damaged, 35 people injured as tornado rips through Sidoarja, Indonesia

A destructive tornado ripped through a densely populated area of East Java province, Indonesia at 08:30 UTC (15:30 WIB) on Wednesday, November 22, 2017, injuring at least 35 people and damaging more than 600 homes. This is the third damaging tornado …

Asteroid 3200 Phaethon NASA tracking to GRAZE Earth at Christmas | Daily Star

A HUGE asteroid will very nearly graze the planet next month – just days before Christmas.

Strange cloud formation over Colorado is like out of a Sci-Fi movie – Strange Sounds

Mother Nature loves to demonstrate that she always has the ability to blow your mind. This trippy cloud formation floatted above Arvada, Colorado on Nov 23.

Suspicious0bservers | Space Weather News – YouTube


What is going on in our skies? Mysterious lights and rays falling from the sun – Strange Sounds

A strange sky phenomenon was captured above the Missouri River as a strange group of lights appeared in the sky and vertical rays fell from the setting sun.

Remarkable pink aurora outburst over Norway

Over the past couple winters, big displays of pink and white auroras have coincided with spotless suns. The sight is often big enough to make observers wonder if there is a connection, SpaceWeather reports. The most recent remarkable outburst of pink…

Eleven passengers aboard 13-hour flight injured as severe turbulence violently shakes plane — Earth Changes —

Severe turbulence injured 11 passengers and wrecked inside a plane’s cabin during a 13 hour flight this week. Pictures of the aftermath of the Eva Air flight from Taiwan to Chicago show bags, belongings and food scattered across the floor and in…

November snowfall already in top 10 for Fairbanks, Alaska winters; interior 6 inches above average — Earth Changes —

It’s been a snowy winter so far in the Interior, and this month already ranks in Fairbanks’ top 10 snowiest Novembers… with a week still to go. This November’s snowfall in the Interior is currently sitting at 29.3 inches – six inches above the…

Woman killed by lightning in Melbourne, Australia — Earth Changes —

A young woman killed by a freak lightning strike that also injured her boyfriend has been remembered for her gentle and giving nature. Lauren Brownlee was watching Friday night’s dramatic thunderstorms with partner Ben Hollow from a lookout in…

Waterspout filmed off Hallandale Beach, Florida — Earth Changes —

Tatiana Rafih spotted a water spout off Golden Beach Thursday. Other witnesses also reported seeing it in Hallandale Beach. The National Weather Service released an advisory about 3 p.m. There is a surface low pressure system in the Gulf of…

One meter of snow falls in Issyk-Kul region of Kyrgyzstan — Earth Changes —

The syrt zone of Jeti-Oguz district of Issyk-Kul region is covered with snow of 50 cm — 1 meter thick, Turmush reports. According to chief of the road operator #3 Mukhamedkalyi uulu Kubanychbek, the length of the road from the district center to…

35 people injured, 600+ homes damaged as tornado rips through Sidoarja, Indonesia — Earth Changes —

An apparent tornado hit a densely populated area of Indonesia Wednesday injuring dozens of people and damaging hundreds of homes. According to local officials, the tornado carved a five minute long path of destruction through Tambakrejo Village…

Rare November tornado touches down in Pittsburgh — Earth Changes —

A tornado touched ground in the Pittsburgh area over the weekend and no one knew until now. The local National Weather Service reported Monday that an EF1 tornado – with peak winds of 90 mph – struck Plum and Murrysville early Sunday morning for…

Man dies following lightning strike in Western Australia — Earth Changes —

A West Australian race course worker who was struck by lightning last week has died in hospital. Track curating staff member Doug Fernihough, 57, was filling divots at Northam Race Club on November 16 when he was hit by lightning, suffering a…

Britons report blazing ‘fireballs’ shooting across the sky | Daily Mail Online

Footage of the fireball, filmed in Wilcot, Wiltshire, shows a bright dot rapidly getting bigger as the meteor travels across the sky.

Surreal sun dog phenomenon lights up the sky of western Siberia in pictures – Strange Sounds

Surreal sun dog phenomenon lights up the sky of western Siberia on November 25, 2017. This thress suns phenomenon is just insane.

Stormageddon: Powerful Bering Sea storm goes bombogenesis after pressure drops an incredible 55 millibars in 24 hours – Strange Sounds

Stormageddon: Powerful Bering Sea storm undergoes bombogenesis after pressure drops an incredible 55 millibars in 24 hours

Rare waterspout filmed near the island of Aruba — Earth Changes —

Rare sighting of a waterspout in the Caribbean Island Aruba.

Plasma filament eruption 11/25/2017, Earth facing, space weather news update — Earth Changes —

The earth-facing plasma filament erupted overnight. This morning we are tracking the eruption and will have updates on potential earth impacts coming up… As we descend into the Grand Solar Minimum many people are worried about a colossal CME…

Florida governor: 2,000 leaving Puerto Rico every day — 84,000 in 42 days – The Savage Nation

WASHINGTON EXAMINER – PAUL BEDARD Puerto Ricans have been fleeing the island at a rate of 2,000 a day, a huge hit to the hurricane-ravaged island, according to Florida Gov. Rick Scott. The impact of the human outflow could be damaging to the island’s manufacturing base, which tops tourism as its income base. “Puerto Rico’s…

Odisha state in India sees 473 lightning deaths during 2017 monsoon season; compares with about 400 for each of the 2 previous years — Earth Changes —

Odisha for third year in succession has topped the country with highest deaths owing to lightning during this year’s monsoon. The State recorded almost three deaths every day. Notably, while Odisha has emerged as the country’s lightning…

11 killed, thousands of homes affected as floods and landslides hit Java, Indonesia

At least 11 people have been killed after heavy rain produced by Tropical Cyclone “Cempaka” triggered severe floods and landslides in East Java, Indonesia on November 28, 2017. Cempaka is the first named storm of the 2017/18 Australian regi…

Winter storm covers Hawaii summits in snow — Earth Changes —

Snow fell Monday on the summits of Mauna Loa and Maunakea after the National Weather Service declared a winter storm warning. The warning extends through 6 p.m. today. Summits could see up to six inches of snow in total, although NWS…

Hailstorm kills 2, injures 15 in Zimbabwe; one victim battered to death by large hailstones — Earth Changes —

Two people died while 15 others were hospitalised following a hailstorm that swept through Mangwe District, destroying several homesteads. A 53-year-old man from Mangwe died after a hut he was sleeping in collapsed while a 10-year-old boy was…

Lightning bolt kills 3 women in Tamil Nadu, India — Earth Changes —

Three women agriculture labourers died on the spot after being struck by lightning near Thirumanur in Ariyalur district of Tamil Nadu on Monday. The incident happened while a group of nine women agriculture labourers were involved in paddy…

Mauna Kea in Hawaii covered with up to 8 inches of unseasonal snow — Earth Changes —

Hawaii has experienced an unseasonal snowstorm, covering the top of Mauna Kea, one of the tallest volcanic mountains on the islands, with up to 8 inches of white flurries. Although snow on the Hawaiian mountains is not as uncommon as it sounds,…

Phoenix father takes striking photographs of deadly storms | Daily Mail Online

While most people head for cover at the first sign of a storm Mike Olbinski, from Phoenix, Arizona, runs straight towards it.

Heavy rainfall floods parts of Andalusia, Spain — Earth Changes —

A short period of heavy rain in Andalusia, southern Spain, caused flash flooding in the provinces of Malaga, Granada, Seville and Cadiz on Wednesday, 29 November 2017. A train was derailed near Seville with at least 21 people injured, 2 of them…

Around 400,000 people hit by floods in the south of Thailand with 5 killed — Earth Changes —

Flooding has affected parts of southern Thailand since 25 November. Heavy rain has triggered rivers to overflow and flash flooding. According to Thailand’s The Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM), the floods have affected the…

‘Phantom suns’ appear in the skies of northern China — Earth Changes —

Photographers have captured stunning footage of a rare natural phenomenon which makes it look like as if our planet has three suns. People in China were stunned by the footage of what looks like three suns appearing in the sky on November 28. Two…

Lightning bolt kills 3 horses in South Australia — Earth Changes —

“It was the most horrific thing I’ve ever witnessed – a big ball of white light hit and all three of them were dead before they hit the ground.” Lynne Brierley fought back tears as she relived the devastating loss of her three beloved horses,…

The Big Wobble: A tropical storm has killed at least seven people and left 5 people missing with a further 20,000 affected in Sri Lanka


The Big Wobble: Tropical cyclone Dhalia kills 19 people on the Indonesian island of Java in the same region as erupting Mount Agung


Heavy rainfall floods Hawaii, early season snowfall at volcanic peaks

Volcanic summits on Hawaii’s Big Island are experiencing a mix of snow and rain accompanied by gusty winds. At the same time, heavy rainfall is falling on the rest of the state, forcing authorities to issue flash and areal flood warnings, watches…

7 dead, over 270 missing as Tropical Storm “Ockhi” forms just south of India

At least 7 people were killed and more than 270 others are missing as heavy rains hit coastal Tamil Nadu, India and Sri Lanka on Wednesday and Thursday, November 29 and 30, 2017, after a depression in the Bay of Bengal intensified into a Cyclonic Sto…

Major flooding hits Albania, paralyzing ports and suspending air traffic

A severe storm hit Albania on Thursday, November 30, 2017, and continued affecting the country on December 1, causing severe flooding in central areas of the country. Citizens are urged to follow official advice and avoid unnecessary travel as the si…

Night sky guide for December 2017

The year ends with the first and last supermoon of the year, the first of 3 over the next 60 days, one royal meteor shower, and December solstice. Hopefully, this year made us all stronger, wiser and ready for what’s to come in 2018 and beyond. …

‘Entire summer’s rain in just 24 hours’: Parts of Victoria, Australia underwater as thousands are told to evacuate — Earth Changes —

The towns of Myrtleford and Euroa in northeast Victoria have been told to prepare to evacuate after the area received a season’s worth of rain in a day. Locals are preparing by sandbagging their homes while some have already fled as rivers and…

Spectacular waterspout forms off Italian coast (VIDEO) — Earth Changes —

Dramatic footage shows a whirling waterspout forming off the Italian coast before making its way inland. The weather phenomenon was captured in the north-western Italian city of Sanremo, on the Mediterranean coast, on 1 December. It caused damage…

Rainbow appears in Taiwan for 9 continuous hours as experts claim it has broken record — Earth Changes —

A rainbow appeared in the sky above Taipei for nine hours continuously yesterday, claimed a meteorology expert. It’s said to be the world’s longest-lasting rainbow which was visible from 7am to 4pm in the capital of Taiwan. The expert, who is a…

Third plasma filament eruption in as many weeks; Grand Solar Minimum threat — Earth Changes —

Solar wind is calming and solar flaring remains low. The next coronal hole stream is not due until the weekend but a small, weak CME may impact earth today from the filament eruption center-disk 3 days ago. On top of this, the third plasma…

Supermoon 2017: Everything You Need to Know About December’s Full Cold Moon

Everything you need to know to about the Full Cold Moon.

Has an alien invasion began or is there something else going on in the skies of Castle Rock, Colorado? – Strange Sounds

Has an alien invasion began or is there something else going on over Castle Rock? Look at these mysterious lights flying very fast behind the mesa

The Big Wobble: The fifth named storm of the year Caroline to batter the UK and Ireland with high winds torrential rain and snow and another storm to hit Sunday


Supermoon trifecta starts December 3, ends January 31 with Super Blue Blood Moon

A supermoon trifecta, series of three supermoons in a row, will start on Sunday, December 3, 2017 and end on January 31, 2018 with ‘super blue blood’ Moon. Supermoons are Moons that are full when they take place unusually close to the time of…

Supermoon creates rare moon halos and moondogs over Alabama — Earth Changes —

While there’s no formal definition of a Supermoon, it’s typically considered a full moon that occurs at perigee. Perigee is the point in the moon’s orbit in which the moon is closest to the earth. A full moon at perigee will look up to 14 percent…

Another Arctic blast coming to the US this week and will stay around for weeks — Earth Changes —

The mild weather of the last few weeks will soon be a distant memory as the coldest air of the season invades most of the central and eastern U.S. Frigid temperatures, but little snow, will hit from the Midwest to the Southeast. Even parts of…

Cyclone Ockhi: Death toll reaches 25 in Kerala, India — Earth Changes —

After causing havoc in and around the Lakshadweep islands on Sunday, severe cyclonic storm Ockhi has set its course north and is expected to make landfall in Maharashtra and south Gujarat in the next 24 hours. The India Meteorological Department…

‘Strange’ Arctic rainbow and red ‘summer’ sprites in winter – rare atmospheric events on the increase — Earth Changes —

STRANGE ARCTIC RAINBOW Rainbows usually require liquid water. Droplets falling out of the sky intercept beams of sunlight, reflecting them back in a colorful spray of red, green, and blue. Yesterday, Valtteri Immonen saw such a rainbow over…

Satellite images reveal extent of Earth’s pollution — Earth Changes —

Images released by the European Space Agency on Friday are very revealing – Showing the level of air pollutants around the world, including the sulfur dioxide, ash, and smoke from the Mount Agung volcano in Bali. On October 13, this year, the ESA…

‘Sky trumpet phenomena’ heard in Pennsylvania — Earth Changes —

Caught the “sky trumpet” phenomenon while walking back to my dorm from the Subway in California, PA. Conspiracy theorist say that these are a sign of the apocalypse.

Loud ‘roaring sounds’ heard in the sky along the Mississippi River at the Illinois/Iowa border — Earth Changes —

The video can be deceptive! I have more understanding of what I am hearing and seeing in other videos! Your comments are most welcomed! However, I can tell you for 100% accuracy as to what I am witnessing as the camera is recording! It is a…

Record Aussie flooding, Supermoon Trifecta, NASA will stare at the sun! — Earth Changes —

Popocatepetl has just erupted again as we uploaded this! Check the Agung Livestream if you want to watch live The worst weather in 159 YEARS: Record-breaking storms ravage Victoria after an entire season’s worth of rain fell in just 24 hours -…

Weekend rain sets all-time record in Minden, Nevada — Earth Changes —

With only a month to go, 2017 has already hit the record books as the wettest in the 111 years measurements have been taken in Minden. Last weekend’s storm brought .43 inches to the county seat on Sunday, bringing the year’s total to 19.94 inches…

Tasmania covered in snow over the first weekend of summer; up to 15 inches deep — Earth Changes —

Snow has fallen in Tasmania’s Highlands as wild weather has stuck the state. Owners of the hotel posted images on Facebook today after noticing a power problem during the night. “Nice surprise- just stuck my nose out to see why the power…

Unusual fallstreak cloud captured in Michigan sky — Earth Changes —

Several viewers contacted WZZM-TV to ask about some unusual sights in the western Michigan sky. The TV station did a bit of research to learn they are called fallstreaks. According to the National Weather Service a fallstreak hole is also known…

Spectacular Sun Halo Seen by Skiers in Sweden — Earth Changes —

A spectacular Sun halo display, with a 22° halo, parhelic circle, sundogs and a tangent arc as well as 44° parhelia (sundogs) and 46° halo, was seen in Vemdalen, Sweden Dec 1 2017

Atmospheric radiation increasing as we head into Solar Minimum

Cosmic rays from deep space are increasing almost unabated as the Sun’s magnetic field weakens and we head into Solar Minimum. As reported by, the stratospheric balloons they’ve been flying together with the students of Eart…

Cyclone Ockhi: Mumbai records highest December rainfall in 50 years — Earth Changes —

Owing to Cyclone Ockhi, the city recorded the highest-ever December rainfall on Tuesday, in just 12 hours. Rainfall during 8.30am-8.30pm at the IMD’s Santacruz observatory was 36mm, which beat the previous record of 31.4mm, recorded on December…

Deep South Snow Expected Friday from Parts of Louisiana to North Carolina | The Weather Channel

What you need to know about impacts from this snow ahead.

US mystery ‘booms’ explained? ‘Secret’ Supersonic jets causing noise | Daily Star

MYSTERIOUS “booms” that have been shaking US cities may be caused by supersonic aircraft on secret missions.

Woman dies after being struck by lightning while playing golf in Belek, Turkey — Earth Changes —

A British woman has died after being struck by lightning while playing golf with her husband on a romantic holiday in Turkey. Sarah Oldham, 39, suffered a cardiac arrest after being hit by a lightning bolt as she sheltered under an umbrella when…

Alaska records one of the most extreme snowfall rates on record, 10 inches per hour; highway near Valdez under 20 foot of snow — Earth Changes —

Imagine going into a movie theater to check out the latest science fiction flick and there is not a single flake of snow on the ground. A couple hours later, as the credits start to roll, you mosey outside and are stunned to find your car buried…

South Texas receives rare snowfall – CNN

Big and fluffy snowflakes fell across parts of south Texas on Thursday, including San Antonio and Austin.

Mighty snowstorm in Turkey drops 1 meter of snow in 12 hours blocking roads and closing schools in Artvin in pictures – Strange Sounds

Mighty snowstorm in Turkey drops 1 meter of snow in 12 hours blocking roads and closing schools in Artvin. Watch the impressive pictures here.

Creepy noise from the sky baffles residents of Nashville, Tennessee – Strange Sounds

This strange sounds was on December 1st in Nashville, TN. And it is totally creepy! What the heck is that noise between trains, storm sirens & whatever the hell else was going on here?

Consequences of the tropical cyclone Cempaka in Java, Indonesia in pictures – Strange Sounds

In pictures: Consequences of the tropical cyclone Cempaka in Indonesia after floods and landslides killed 41 people in Java.

Snow anomaly in Texas: First snow in 13 years in Corpus Christi and in 8 years in Houston videos and pictures – Strange Sounds

Snow anomaly in Texas: First snow in 13 years in Corpus Christi and in 8 years in Houston videos and pictures. But don’t expect a white winter.

The Big Wobble: The hurricane season that wouldn’t quit: 2017 the fifth most active season ever and one of the longest beginning in April! The shape of things to come?


Insane southern snow, Öræfajökull caldera deepens, volcanic uptick globally — Earth Changes —

Jackson Mississippi sees highest snowfall since 1982 Record snow blankets Houston and Texas Snow is falling in Houston, TX, last measurable snow there was 8 years ago. Sources

Record-setting December snow falls in Alabama; rare snowfall hits Louisiana — Earth Changes —

This snowstorm certainly surpassed expectations. Areas across Alabama were blanketed with snow on Friday, with totals reaching the double digits in some areas. As of Friday night some of the highest totals came from Randolph and Calhoun counties…

Record snow covers Houston and Texas – UPDATE (PHOTOS, VIDEO) — Earth Changes —

Say it ain’t snow. It’s not a dream or nightmare but reality: one of the biggest snowfalls in history just walloped the Texas gulf coast and has brought Houston to a crawl. Mother Nature brought blockbuster amounts of snow to areas that only see…

Will Florida’s Panhandle see snow this weekend? — Earth Changes —

Let’s talk snow. A day after parts of Texas – which rarely see flurries – were dusted with snow, Floridians were starting to ask, “So, could we see some flakes?” Well, to be blunt: Probably not. But there is a chance if you live in the Panhandle….

UFO over NORTH KOREA? Hunters in frenzy after spotting ‘ALIEN CRAFT’ over rogue state | Weird | News |

CONSPIRACY theorists have been sent into a frenzy after what appeared to be a UFO was spotted flying over the rogue nation of North Korea.

Heaviest snowfall in four years brings travel chaos to UK — Earth Changes —

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s snowing today. And it seems to be pretty heavy in places, with some areas of the country cut off, parts of the London Underground shut, airports closed and a lot of disruption elsewhere. But just how heavy is the…

Heavy snow, subfreezing temperatures disrupt traffic across UK

Hundreds of schools are closed across the United Kingdom today, December 11, 2017, in the wake of Storm Caroline which moved away from British Isles December 8 toward Scandinavia. Caroline allowed cold arctic air to move in and cover the UK with bitt…

Heavy snowfall in Netherlands triggers code orange weather warning — Earth Changes —

The Netherlands was blanketed in snow over the weekend and more snow is expected this afternoon. Meteorological institute KMNI issued a code orange weather warning of extremely dangerous weather. And the Rijkswaterstaat warns people to rather…

More atmospheric compression snow and rain events happening across the planet — Earth Changes —

Second atmospheric snow compression event in a week, first Alaska, now Turkey. Record snow across the S.E.. USA and Mexico, all time record rains in Mumbai India and an increase in the Grand Solar Minimum effects. Out of season everything across…

Farthest active inbound comet yet | Space | EarthSky

Most comets become active only when near the sun. This one is active, but distant, between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus, where sunlight is 1/225th as bright

Mysterious hexagonal object hovering above Crazy Horse Monument, South Dakota video – Strange Sounds

This mysterious hexagonal object floating above Crazy Horse Monument, South Dakota might be a sun simulator

Just another complex solar halo in Innopolis, Tatarstan in pictures – Strange Sounds

It seems that strange sky phenomena are on the rise around the world. Here another complex solar halo baffling onlookers in Tatarstan.

Two more massive wave anomalies connected to Antarctica video – Strange Sounds

Two more massive anomalies have been picked up on December 8, 2017 stretching down toward Antarctica. What is this new mystery?

Major flooding after rivers overflow in Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Several days of heavy rain caused several major rivers, including Enza and Parma, to burst its banks on December 12, 2017, producing widespread flooding in Emilia-Romagna region of northeastern Italy. A critical situation is underway in Emilia-Romagn…

Extreme weather creates chaos across Europe — Earth Changes —

High winds and heavy snow in Europe on Monday stranded thousands of travelers, kept schoolchildren at home and even played havoc with international diplomacy. It was the second day running of nasty weather across the continent, with Britain still…

Impressive video of a large tornado forming very close to people, Argentina

A very large tornado formed Friday, December 8, 2017, in Buenos Aires province of Argentina just few hundred meters away from two farmers. The twister swept through several towns with winds between 130 and 200 km/h (80 – 125 mph), destroying everythi…

Destructive tornado rips through South Africa: 50 people injured, 550 homes damaged (VIDEOS) — Earth Changes —

A destructive tornado ripped through the Vaal Marina area in Midvaal, South Africa on Monday December 11, 2017. Midvaal mayor Bongani Baloyi said 50 people were injured, more than 550 homes damaged and more than 1100 people displaced following…

Over a metre of snow in 72 hours for the Alps; big falls in the Dolomites and Pyrenees too — Earth Changes —

Snowfall totals for the past 72 hours have now passed the metre/40 inches mark in the Alps. Hopes that the start of the 2017-18 ski season would be ‘good’ after three poor snowfall starts over the last three seasons have now been adjusted so that…

Rare heavy snow hits London, while 120 MPH snowstorms spawn ‘snow devils’ — Earth Changes —

Unusual climate patterns as increasingly unstable jet streams due to the intensifying Grand Solar Minimum pull warm desert air to the Alps with 50 F /16 C temps, while plunging the UK to a snow bound winter wonder land, snow blocking highways…

Rare snownado filmed at national park in Poland — Earth Changes —

A Polish man walking in a national park captured video of a rare winter weather phenomenon — a snownado. Michal Bielas posted a video to Facebook showing the unusual sight that greeted him Monday during a walk in Tatra National Park. The video…

Loud boom rattles homes after meteorite hits Thunder Bay, Ontario video – Strange Sounds

The Geminid meteor shower was pretty awesome. A loud boom rattled several homes after a meteorite hit Thunder Bay, Ontario on December 13, 2017.

Lightning strike kills woman at bus stop in Zimbabwe — Earth Changes —

A 26-year-old died on the spot after a bolt of lightning struck her while she waited for transport to her home at a bus stop in Filabusi. Sukoluhle Mkandla of Mahole area under Chief Ndube was killed by the lightning bolt which struck her just…

Long-lasting moon halo seen over Tucson, Arizona — Earth Changes —

Halos around the sun or moon are caused by ice crystals, like those in high cirrus clouds. Sometimes you can’t see clouds, but – in these photos – you can. Eliot Herman is Tucson, Arizona has been working all year to compile a series of images of…

Huge chunk of ‘ice from a plane’ crashes through California couple’s home — Earth Changes —

A San Bernardino couple has lived in their neighborhood since the 1960s, and they say they’ve always heard the planes overhead going to both Ontario and Los Angeles. They never imagined something like what happened Sunday could happen to them….

Sott Exclusive: Mysterious boom heard in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, military jets blamed — Earth Changes —

On December 9th, around 2:00 pm, another mysterious boom was heard in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. Residents reported that the boom triggered car alarms, shook windows and houses. In an interview with WFLA, one resident stated that the sound…

Avalanche warnings as Valais in Switzerland recovers from record snowfall — Earth Changes —

Police in the canton of Valais have warned skiers to keep on the marked runs as the avalanche risk rises to 3 or 4 out of 5 in resorts across the region. Valais has experienced some of the heaviest December snowfall in years over the last few…

Mysterious explosion heard on the coast of West Bengal, India — Earth Changes —

A mysterious explosion was heard in West Bengal’s coastal town Digha on Thursday afternoon, triggering panic among tourists and residents, police said. However, till late in the night, the source of the sound was yet to be identified. Police said…

Blizzard dumps three feet of snow in Pakistan — Earth Changes —

The Galiyat region received first heavy snowfall of the season that left roads blocked, tourists stranded and schools closed. Galiyat Development Authority (GDA) was making its all-out efforts to clear the roads, spokesman of the GDA said while…

Waterspout filmed off Rakino Island, New Zealand — Earth Changes —

A rare sight is being described as something of a miracle for one Waiheke Island resident. Jesse Rudolph says he and his colleagues were some of the lucky few who witnessed a waterspout off Rakino. Waterspouts are tornado-like formations which…

‘Sounded like an air raid siren’: Weird sounds permeate the sky in Alhambra, California — Earth Changes —

Strange sound Alhambra CA 4:30 am Dec 7. 2017. Sounded like an air raid siren. I’ve lived in Alhambra for 31 years and have never heard anything like this before

Thunderstorm hits areas of United Arab Emirates, hail blankets ground (VIDEOS) — Earth Changes —

Weather is playing spoilsport this weekend as many residents are putting off their outing plans as storm and rain alert looms. The National Center of Meteorology (NCM) has predicted unstable weather across the UAE, with chances of rain and…

26 dead, 23 missing, 15k+ stranded and 90k evacuated as Kai-Tak (Urduja) hits the Philippines

Floods and landslides triggered by slow-moving Tropical Cyclone “Kai-Tak,” locally known as Urduja, killed at least 26 people and left another 23 missing in the Philippines, authorities said Sunday, December 17, 2017. More floods and landsl…

With nearly 83 inches, Redfield is New York’s snowiest place with winter yet to officially start — Earth Changes —

Winter has yet to officially start, but snow is already piling up in some parts of upstate New York. According to the National Weather Service, the areas with the most snow are in Oswego and Lewis counties — which get clobbered each year with…

Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’: The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program – The New York Times

The shadowy program began in 2007 and was largely funded at the request of Harry Reid, the former Senate majority leader, who has had a longtime interest in space phenomena.


Religion/LAW :Political Chanting & Incantation TO DESTROY ONE ANOTHER vs Revelation in Torah Messiah


Facts and mystery traditions of Thanksgiving – Strange Sounds

Every year, Americans celebrate Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November. But the story of Thanksgiving isn’t exactly what you learned in school.

An AI god will emerge by 2042 and write its own bible. Will you worship it? | VentureBeat

In the next 25 years, AI will evolve to the point where it will know more on an intellectual level than any human. In the next 50 or 100 years, an AI might know more than the entire population of the planet put together. At that point, there are serious questions to ask about whether this AI — which could design and program additional AI programs all on its own, read data from an almost infinite number of data sources, and control almost every connected device on the planet — will somehow rise in status to become more like a god, something that can write its own bible and draw humans to worship it.

President Trump Triggers Liberals On Thanksgiving

Puts Almighty God Back Into Thanksgiving Proclamation After Obama Removed All Mention Of God In 2016

At Least 184 Killed in Mosque Attack in Sinai, Egypt – WSJ

At least 184 people were killed and 125 injured when gunmen armed with explosives attacked a Sufi mosque in Egypt’s restive Sinai Peninsula, in the country’s deadliest assault in more than two years.

Why Ancient Pagan Rituals Should Matter To Christians » SkyWatchTV


Soros Views ‘Nation-state as Problem,’ Wants ‘One World Government’ Solution: US State Senator ………….


Soros And Pelosi Collude To Take Down America ………….


Another Las Vegas Shooting Survivor Meets His Untimely End Just The Latest In String Of Bodies To Drop Long After The Shooting

Bizarre Anomalies And Odd Coincidences Continue To Emerge Nearly 2 Months After Event

News With Views | Judge Roy Moore is Right: God Is Above The Constitution

News and commentary that will shatter your illusion of knowledge. is updated daily with columns by writers such as Devvy Kidd, Kelleigh Nelson…

Lady DACA: Meet the Pro-Amnesty, Bush Bureaucrat Who Became Trump’s Top Pick for DHS – The Savage Nation

BREITBART – JOHN BINDER One week after Hurricane Katrina made landfall in August 2005, President George W. Bush consulted with his team of crisis advisers and inundated the Gulf Coast with cheap, illegal alien labor. Bush’s August decision to lift the Davis-Bacon wage law made it very easy for contractors to hire cheap labor. Mike Chertoff, the secretary of…

The Dark Inevitability of Zionism

The Best in uncensored news, information, and analysis

Pentagon tried to block independent report on child sex among Afghan forces, Senate office says

The Best in uncensored news, information, and analysis

Ex-Clinton Foundation Official Tied To Chinese Kindergarten Embroiled In Bizarre Sexual Abuse Scandal

The Best in uncensored news, information, and analysis

Larry Silverstein Set to Receive Another $95 Million in New 9/11 Settlement

Silverstein, who signed a 99-year lease on WTC just 2 months prior to the attack, has received over 4.5 billion dollars stemming from post 9/11 lawsuits.

Department of Homeland Security Moving Forward with “Threat Assessment” for Visa Holders

Louis Rodi, director of ICE, also wants full-time surveillance of the individuals throughout their stay in the United States of America.

USA Olympic Dr. Pleads Guilty to Massive Child Rape Scandal

The doctor at the center of a child sex abuse scandal involving 125 victims within the USA Gymnastics Program has pleaded guilty molesting multiple girls.

Revelation Now Reincarnation vs Resurrection: What’s the DIFFERENCE? | Revelation Now

Recently, I penned a post titled, “A HORRIFIC CAR CRASH, NEAR DEATH, AND WALKING IN THE AFTERLIFE!” I made a reference to compelling stories from children

Putin is Bulwark Against the NWO –

Henry Makow’s official web site. Exposing Feminism and the New World Order

The Putin Deception (2) –

Henry Makow’s official web site. Exposing Feminism and the New World Order

Colorado pimp to serve 472 years in prison for child sex ring | Miami Herald

Brock Franklin of Colorado was found guilty of running a sex trafficking and child prostitution ring. He was sentenced to 472 years in prison.

Poland to End Shopping on Sundays by 2020

The C.I.A. Literally Controls EVERYTHING … Even Deep State | SOTN: Alternative News & Commentary


Trump Holds Press Conference with Empty Chairs Meant for Pelosi, Schumer ……………………..


Disturbing Video of Humans Being Sold Proves US Foreign Policy Has Made Slavery Mainstream Again | The Daily Sheeple

A closer look into the phenomena of humans being sold at auction in the year 2017 confirms the unthinkable — slavery is mainstream again.

Arby’s worker chases robber into river with Dodge Charger and Glock 9mm |


John McCain will support Senate tax bill, boosting chances of passage

Sen. John McCain will back the Senate tax bill, increasing the plan’s chances of clearing the Senate by Friday.

Andrew Jackson was called ‘Indian killer.’ Trump honored Navajos in front of his portrait. – The Savage Nation

THE WASHINGTON POST – ELI ROSENBERG The prominent placement of an Andrew Jackson portrait during an event meant to honor a group of Native Americans at the Oval Office on Monday has raised questions about the White House’s message. Jackson is known for his harsh treatment of Native Americans as president, famously signing the Indian Removal Act, which…

Ghost ships wash up in Japan with skeletons on board – The Savage Nation

CNN/PHOTO CREDIT: FLICKR At least four ships have washed up on Japan’s west coast this month, some with bodies on board, and while authorities haven’t confirmed their origin, signs suggest they’re from North Korea. Eight skeletons were found in the hull of one wooden boat that washed ashore on Miyazawa beach in the northwest of…

Pastor Takes Aim at Satanic Park Display

A satanic display aimed at mocking the Christmas holiday has drawn the ire of a pastor in Boca Raton, Fla.

US Government Caught Operating Floating Black Site Prisons, Torturing People in International Waters

The US government is holding hundreds of people without trial, shackled to the decks of Coast Guard boats for months, all to enforce the drug war.

Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State – YouTube

West Point Graduate, Army Officer, and Clinical Psychologist Joachim Hagopian joins the program to shed light on the Global Pedophile and sex trafficking net…

Pagan War Goddess Statue Unveiled at UN as Idol Worship Makes Global Comeback – Breaking Israel News | Latest News. Biblical Perspective.


Hillary Clinton: ‘If that f-ing bastard Trump wins, we all hang from nooses’ | Fellowship of the Minds


John Podesta Bites Head Off Feminist Over Pizzagate Question At Duke University [VIDEO]

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Reminder: Trump Is Donating His ENTIRE Presidential Salary To Government Agencies & Charities …………………………


For a deported man and his family, an uneasy ‘homecoming’ in Mexico – LA Times

Roberto Tetatzin knew he was going to be deported to his native Mexico. Now he and his partner, Judith Cristal Gudino, would have to decide what to do next. Should the girls stay in the U.S. with Gudino, or should the whole family relocate to Mexico?

DOJ files arrest warrant for illegal immigrant acquitted in Kate Steinle case | Fox News

The Department of Justice filed an arrest warrant for Jose Inez Garcia Zarate on Friday, the illegal immigrant acquitted this week in Kate Steinle’s murder trial.

Jerusalem Is About To Become A Cup Of Trembling As Trump Considers Historic Move


Actress with DNA evidence of her rape at Golden Globes mysteriously fell off a cliff and died

Charles Upham, the father of Misty Upham, the Hollywood actress known for her roles in August: Osage County and Django Unchained, spoke out recently about the

The Latest: Minnesota gov. hasn’t chosen Franken replacement

The Latest on Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., and the allegations of sexual misconduct against him (all times local): 12:35 p.m. Minnesota Republicans are reaching out to former Gov. Tim Pawlenty about running …

US moves to block transgender military recruits signing up

President Donald Trump’s administration has asked a federal court to block the Pentagon from starting the hiring of transgender recruits next year. The filing by the Justice Department late on Wednesday is the latest in a series of legal measures that have unfolded since Trump sent out three tweets

Trump, GOP tax reform bill may save Amazon, Facebook, Google billions – Business Insider

Amazon, Google and Facebook will save a combined $4.5 billion on taxes thank to the GOP tax bill, according to Cowen.

Analysis: Apple poised for $47 billion windfall from GOP tax bill | TheHill

The $47 billion in savings is more than any other U.S corporation makes in profits annually.

DOJ Confirms Planned Parenthood Investigation

In a letter to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs Stephen Boyd promised the Justice Department would conduct a “thorough and comprehensive assessment” of the committee’s criminal referral of Planned Parenthood over its profiting from the sale of fetal tissue and unborn baby body parts from dismemberment abortions.

Democrat Millennials to Shape the Future of Politics

After President Trump leaves office, democrats in America may reign for the next ½ century and it could be millennials that make this a sure thing.

Trump To Hire Private Spies To Counter Deep State Attacks ………………


Expect Desperate and Insane Behavior From Government in 2018 – Part 3 (War)

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David Brock Is Trying To Impeach Trump | The Daily Caller

David Brock’s Media Matters is granting hundreds of thousands of dollars in charitable funds to political groups that are trying to impeach the president.

You Have Been Brought Into To A World Of Complete Insanity – Web News Order

We are all marching to the tune of the owners. They want all this turmoil. They want everyone dependent on government for everything. So you thought you were paying for retirement insurance when you contributed to Social Security? HA! joke’s on you! You were paying a tax on your labor that was then used by…

As participation in traditional religion declines, witchcraft on the rise – The Savage Nation

CBS: At a time when participation in traditional religions is declining among Americans, the practice of witchcraft is said to be on the rise. CBS2’s Ali Bauman went inside the secret world of modern-day witches to explore why so many say they’re falling under its spell. “I am the high priestess,” Lisa Stewart said. “To…

Paul Craig Roberts: America Is “Walking Into Armageddon”

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Fed Gov’t Just Admitted It Will Continue Warrantless Spying—Even If Congress Votes to Stop It

U.S. officials admit they are not planning on shutting down the government’s warrantless spying program, even if it is not reauthorized by 2018.

Pope Francis Forced To Handover Pedophile Priests In Child Abuse Crackdown

Neon Nettle – Pope Francis Forced To Handover Pedophile Priests In Child Abuse Crackdown – Vatican hands over priests to police putting end to coverips

Trump administration begins testing border wall prototypes to prevent scaling, breaches – ABC News

Trump administration begins physical testing of border wall prototypes

Amazing Phenomenon: Trump And Israel Are Linked By The Number 7 Over And Over Again – The American Dream

On Wednesday, President Trump announced that the United States is formally recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and would begin the process of moving

The Nutball the Neocons Wanted in NATO


U.S. House Considers Changes to Law That Protects Identity of Politicians Accused of Sexual Misconduct | The Daily Sheeple

Several new attempts are being made to reform a controversial law that prevents the public from knowing the identities of politicians accused of sexual

Satan’s Five Servants On the Planet Earth – Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

God Robot: People ‘will worship AI MESSIAH in Way of the Future’ religion | Daily Star

A so-called “God Robot” will be worshipped by millions of people because it will have mankind’s best interests at heart, it has been claimed.

Hillary Clinton painting triggers security dogs | Fellowship of the Minds

Human beings are easily fooled, but dogs know! See “Dogs are better at spotting liars than Obama supporters”. Security dogs are specialist, trained canines. From K9 Centre Dog Trainers: Training dogs for security patrol is generally the same as a personal protection dog but they are taught to protect a handler in the working environment and will…

US Engulfed In The Most Corrupt Scandal In History & All Roads Lead Back To Obama – BB4SP

While the MSM focuses on the fake news Trump-Russia collusion farce, the US is engulfed in the most corrupt event and all roads lead back to Obama.

Humans will happily worship a robot messiah, experts claim | Daily Mail Online

Dr Stephen Thaler, an AI and consciousness expert based in Saint Charles, Missouri, said people will one day rely on artificial intelligence to solve society’s problems.

The Mainstream Media, The Deep State, Hollywood, And Establishment Republicans All Cheer Doug Jones Stunning Senate Victory In Alabama | The Daily Sheeple

Democrat Doug Jones has won the Alabama Senate seat and the establishment couldn’t be happier.

BOMBSHELL: EVIDENCE OF CIA ROLE IN FORGING OBAMA’S BIRTH CERTIFICATE | US Defense Watch has learned former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigators had discovered bombshell evidence that the CIA and or other government

Russia Investigation Was “Insurance Policy” Against A Trump Presidency? – Ousted FBI Agents Texts Are Smoking Gun Showing Mueller “Dream Team” Totally Corrupted

Something smells hinky here

Dead Bodies With Ties To Hillary Clinton Keep Piling Up! Another One Bites The Dust

Will Muellers Witch Hunt Ensnare The Wicked Witch Or Will He Give Us Proof The Rule Of Law Doesnt Apply To The Clintons?

Is Christmas a Religious Holiday? A Growing Number of Americans Say No – The New York Times

The Pew Research Center said that while most Americans still celebrate Christmas, few of them care that religious elements seem to receive less attention than in the past.

Report: GOP State Rep Kills Himself After Teen Accuses Him of Sexual Assault – Breitbart

Kentucky State Rep. Dan Johnson is dead. Bullitt County Sheriff Donnie Tinnell described the death as a suicide to local station WDRB.

Illegal immigration on border back at Obama levels – Washington Times

Illegal immigration across the Southwest border has surged back to Obama-era levels, according to the latest data released Friday that suggests the gains President Trump made early in his tenure have worn off.

BREAKING: Trump to remove ‘climate change’ as a national security threat | Watts Up With That?


California Megachurch Dabbling in Occult

Bethel Church, a California non-denominational charismatic megachurch, has aligned itself with a group that promotes what are essentially satanic tarot cards to perform “readings” on its members.

Will Putin Rebuild Syria’s Churches and Will Trump Rebuild Jerusalem’s Temple?

Will Russia’s President Vladimir Putin rebuild Syria’s churches while U.S. President Donald Trump rebuilds Jerusalem’s Third Temple?

California Companies That Sold Aborted Baby Parts Forced to Close

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Revelation Now Antichrist Much? Jews Celebrates Christmas Singing Jesus Is a BASTARD! | Revelation Now

When it comes to American Christians they seem to pine away at the State of Israel being the true remnant of the Jewish people. They frequently post memes and

Treason: British Freemasons Collaborated With Nazis –

Henry Makow’s official web site. Exposing Feminism and the New World Order

Major Scandal: U.S. Congressman Says That There Was A ‘Concerted Effort’ Within The FBI To Help Hillary Clinton Win The Election

Did the FBI attempt to swing the outcome of the 2016 election in a certain direction?  I know that question sounds completely outrageous, but this is exactly

Lead BLM Investigator Blows Whistle, Exposes Government Conspiracy Against The Bundy Family | The Daily Sheeple

The lead BLM investigator in the Bundy Ranch case has blown the whistle exposing “far-reaching misconduct, recklessness and unrestrained antipathy toward the

Dave Hodges-Where Did the Missing 21 Trillion Go – YouTube

Cut The Cable Chord Today! Use promo code: hodges for $100 off Protect Your Information From Big Data – Click Here! https:/…

AP Exclusive: Digital police state shackles Chinese minority

KORLA, China (AP) — Nobody knows what happened to the Uighur student after he returned to China from Egypt and was taken away by police. Not his village neighbors in


War & CHAOS CREATION/Operation Gladio :Sacrifices and NWO Ordering — THEY TAKE AND GIVE BRIBES — ISA 19


‘American mercenaries’ are torturing Saudi princes | Daily Mail Online

A source in Saudi Arabia tells that American security contractors are involved in stringing up arrested princes and businessman as part of Crown Prince Mohammed’s power grab.

Saudi Crown Prince calls Iran leader ‘new Hitler’: NYT

Saudi Arabia’s powerful Crown Prince called the Supreme Leader of Iran “the new Hitler of the Middle East” in an interview with the New York Times.

Russia launches deadliest super sub that can fire nuke missiles FURTHER than its US rivals

The Knyaz Vladimir is capable of launching 16 intercontinental ballistic missiles which can lay waste to cities up to 5,778 miles away

A panic is not an answer: We’re at imminent risk of turning this #metoo moment into a frenzied rush to blame all men – The Savage Nation

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS – CHRISTINA  HOFF SOMMERS The fall of Harvey Weinstein and other celebrity sex monsters feels like a cultural turning point. The social contract between men and women is being rewritten before our eyes. There is a new resolve to make the workplace more respectful and equitable for women – for everyone. But there…

VA study shows parasite from Vietnam may be killing vets – The Savage Nation

FOX NEWS: Veterans returned to the U.S. after fighting in the jungles of Vietnam a half century ago, but hundreds of them may be dying from a silent bullet — a slow-killing parasite living in the men decades after the war, a new study revealed. Liver flukes, parasites that infect a human when raw or…

Pelosi Defends Clinton, Conyers, Franken; Attacks Trump, Calls Moore ‘a Child Molester’ – Breitbart

Pelosi Defends Clinton, Conyers, Franken; Attacks Trump, Calls Moore ‘a Child Molester’

France Submits to Terrorism, Muslim Anti-Semitism

In France, since 2012, more than 250 people were killed by Islamic terrorism — more than in all other European countries combined. No other country in Europe has experienced so many attacks against Jews. France is a country where Jews are murdered

Suspect dead after shooting in downtown Reno

Police believe the suspect and hostage had a domestic relationship.

North Korea Launches ICBM into Pacific Ocean ………………


European Union Remains ‘Committed’ To Opening Borders to 75 Million Turkish Citizens as ‘Soon as Possible’

The EU remains “committed to” giving, and is in the later stages of securing, Turkish citizen visa-free travel in the bloc.

How A North Korean Electromagnetic Pulse Attack Could Kill Millions And Turn America Into A Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland

This is why North Korea’s test of an intercontinental ballistic missile is so important.  North Korea had test fired a total of 22 missiles so far this

New Disney Book Targets Babies For Sexualization And Gender Confusion ……………………….


Fight erupts during “It’s OK to Be White” speech at UConn, speaker arrested | WTNH Connecticut News

A fight broke out at a speech being held at the University of Connecticut on Tuesday night.

Anti-Trump Media Settles on Narrative to Slam White House Xmas Decor

Did you know that those exquisite White House Christmas decorations the First Lady Melania Trump proudly unveiled yesterday, are “spooky,” “spine-chilling,”

U.S. warns North Korean leadership will be ‘utterly destroyed’ in case of war

By Josh Smith and Michelle Nichols SEOUL/UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – The United States warned North Korea’s leadership it would be “utterly destroyed” if war were to break out after Pyongyang test fired its most advanced missile, putting the U.S. mainland within range, in violation of U.N

‘Morning Joe’ Ups Ante: Calls for Cabinet-Led Coup, ‘Sociopath’ Trump Must Be Removed :: Grabien News

Britain’s Hate Speech Police – YouTube

Everyone is free to download this video and post it to their own account if they wish, as long as it is not edited in any way (including the title) and not m…

WW3: ‘Nuclear War At Any Moment’ As US Responds With War Drills

Kim Jong-Un’s most recent missile launch sparked fears of a third world war. Responding directly to that missile launch, the United States has participated in

Obama blocked deportation of 550,000 illegals, more than Atlanta’s population

550,000 illegal immigrants were given temporary amnesty by former President Obama or simply let off the hook by liberal judges, says ICE.

The Frenzy Over Jerusalem Has Begun. Erdogan Threatens Trump “In Five To Ten Days We Will Gather The Muslim World In Istanbul And We Will Deal With The Issue Of Jerusalem” | Walid Shoebat


doomism | Doomer Doug’s blog on the state of the planet

Doomer Doug’s blog on the state of the planet

Wives furious over proposal to send sex workers to troops – The Savage Nation

NEW YORK POST – KERRY WARREN Jane Taylor has a lot of things to worry about when her husband is deployed. Will he come home alive? Will her kids see their dad again? But until last month, “Will he slip up and sleep with a taxpayer-funded sex worker?” wasn’t one of them. Like many military…


INFOWARS – PAUL JOSEPH WATSON During a Q and A session, Barack Obama went on an unhinged rant during which he compared Donald Trump to Hitler and implied that Americans should vote Democrat or millions of people would be killed. The bizarre remarks were made during an Economic Club of Chicago event on Tuesday night but have…

Report: Russia Using EM Guns Against ISIS

According to a new report, the Russian military units fighting in Syria against ISIS and the rebels seeking to oust dictator Bashar al-Assad are armed with cutting-edge weapons that can knock out enemy drones.

These 8 Places Around the World Are Actively Preparing for Nuclear War – The Organic Prepper

Governments in eight places are making active preparations for the possibility of nuclear war, but unsurprisingly, many citizens won’t take it seriously.

Pearl Harbor: Hawaii Was Surprised; FDR Was Not


Judge Jeanine: There Needs to Be a ‘Cleansing’ at the FBI, DOJ | Fox News Insider

In her Opening Statement Saturday night, Judge Jeanine Pirro said there needs to be a “cleansing” at the FBI and the Department of Justice.

The World Lines Up For Armageddon: Multiple Countries NOW Preparing For Nuclear and World War – YouTube

Here’s the link that goes with the video: Learn To Profit From Bitcoin & Cryptos’s Click Here! – Holida…

FBI Plot Against Trump | Frontpage Mag

Government skullduggery rears its ugly head at a congressional hearing.

N. Korea: Trump Taking Dangerous Step to Nuclear War By Seeking Naval Blockade ……………


Alabama Vote Fraud? Doug Jones Supporter Says “We Came From Different Parts of the Country” ……………..


Anti-Trump Lib Called A ‘White B*tch,’ Robbed For Being A ‘Trump Supporter’

A liberal white woman was called a ‘white b*tch’ and accused of being a ‘Trump supporter’ by two Hispanic teens who proceeded to rob her and pelt her with groceries Wednesd.

High Level FBI Agents Discussed “Insurance Policy” In Case Trump Won the Election ………………..


Troops, Toys & Threats: Trump Signs $700 Billion Military Funding Bill | The Daily Sheeple

US President Donald Trump has signed into law $700 billion in funding to the Pentagon, which includes a pay raise for troops and funding for a number of pet

The First of the UN Occupation Forces to be Unveiled in Chicago – Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

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Education, Science, Medicine, and Tech : UN Agenda 21 and Genetic Manipulation unto Trans-everything — MASSIVELY REDUCED POPULATION PLANET WIDE HAVING SUPERCITIES WITH THE REST OF THE PLANET OFF LIMITS EXCEPT TO THE KINGS OF THE EARTH AND THEIR SERVANTS Skyception – Chapter One | Two Ice Floes


Travel news: Flying car by VRCO could be in sky by 2020 | Daily Star

A BRITISH company has entered the race to develop the world’s first flying car – with a radical amphibious design.

Lightning thunderstorms generate antimatter in Earth’s atmosphere like a natural particule accelerator video – Strange Sounds

New discovery: Scientists using NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope have detected beams of antimatter produced above thunderstorms on Earth.

Harvard Immunologist to Legislators: Unvaccinated Children Pose ZERO Risk to Anyone

Dear Legislator: My name is Tetyana Obukhanych. I hold a PhD in Immunology. I am writing this letter in the hope that it will correct several common

Vaccine Co. Funded by PayPal Owner Caught Illegally Injecting People at Hotels with Herpes Virus

A vaccine company funded by billionaire Peter Thiel was caught illegally testing a herpes virus on unsuspecting victims in Holiday Inn.

Why Millennials Are Having So Much Trouble ‘Adulting’ | Intellectual Takeout

Yes, many of them are never taught the basic skills in the first place. But is there something else missing?

9 Unexpected Outcomes Of Human Cloning

Human cloning is currently illegal in virtually all parts of the world, but that doesn't mean it will stay that way. Here are some surprising things we can expect once we're finally allowed to make genetic duplicates of ourselves.

Real-life Stranger Things base ‘uses creepy mass mind control to trigger shootings across the world’, conspiracy theorist claims


Self-driving cars will decide who dies in a crash

In a few years, tens of thousands of semi-autonomous vehicles may be on the roads, and hard choices have to be made.

Fukushima’s radioactive water grows by 150 tons a day and Japan doesn’t know what to do with it – Strange Sounds

Fukushima’s radioactive water grows by 150 tons a day and Japan doesn’t know what to do with it. Scientists vs fishermen and locals conflict

Russia unveils SKYF heavy lift drones | Daily Mail Online

The Russian designed drone can carry a 400-pound (181-kg) payload and fly for up to eight hours. It has applications in areas such as aerial pesticide application and food and medicine delivery.

Science news: DARPA funding human test of ‘mood changing brain implant’ | Daily Star

SCIENTISTS have begun human testing on electronic brain implants designed to change peoples moods controlled by computers.

Parents and Students Stand Up to Forced Gender Ideology in Schools

More American students and their parents are standing up and rejecting forced gender ideology in their schools.

Doctors push LSD for patients – The Savage Nation

THE DAILY BEAST –  ROBERT H. LUSTIG The ’60s was the golden age of LSD research. The U.S. government subsidized at least 116 experiments (that we know of) over this interval to unlock its secrets. Dr. Stanislav Grof, one of the early experimenters, described LSD as a “non-specific amplifier of the unconscious,” for both good…

50 Workers Just Fired From Health System For Refusing Vaccines

Although the system enforcing these mandatory vaccines claims it’s for public health, this cannot be the case, considering…

Revelation Now Say Goodbye To CAT Scans and MRI: Digital Body Scans Are Coming | Revelation Now

How many people have lost a loved one to a disease that could not be detected on time by current technology? CAT scans are good, but bad because of the

Ten reasons why you should keep cool, according to experts | Daily Mail Online

Unfortunately, keeping your cool is a problem for many people: almost a third of Britons polled say they have a close friend or family member who has trouble controlling their anger.

The Forgotten Great American Male: Who’s Your Daddy? – American Greatness

Smart Cities Of The Future Will Be Like Nazi Germany On Steroids

No Privacy, No Freedom, No Free Enterprise And One Step Closer To Completing The Globalists New World Order Agenda

Facebook Announces It Will Use A.I. To Scan Your Thoughts “To Enhance User Safety” | Zero Hedge

Zuckerberg: “AI will be able to understand more of the subtle nuances of language, and will be able to identify different issues beyond suicide as well…” [?]

SHOCK VIDEO: Students undergo ‘disturbing sensory experiences’ to drive out prejudice – The College Fix


Climate Engineering is Planetary Omnicide – Dane Wigington | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

By Greg Hunter’s Geoengineering researcher Dane Wigington says recent Senate hearings confirming the science of geoengineering means

G.M. Unveils Its Driverless Cars, Aiming to Lead the Pack – The New York Times

Previously reluctant to show the autonomous vehicles it is developing, General Motors now wants to signal its progress in getting them to market.

‘Your DNA is an Abomination’ Prints College Paper Toward Whites

A column in the paper of Texas State University condemns all white people with a headline reading “Your DNA is an Abomination.” Here’s what it says.

How Bursts of Ultrasound Can Be Used to Flip Switches in the Brain

Ultrasound—with its ability to penetrate deep and specifically into neural circuits—embodies a growth spurt in the field of brain stimulation.

Smartphone Addiction Creates Imbalance in Brain

CHICAGO, Nov. 30, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Smartphone Addiction Creates Imbalance in Brain.

Animals do have feelings – and here’s the science to prove it – The i newspaper online iNews

Science shows that animals feel emotions. What’s more, they have distinct personalities – yes, even fish, writes Jan Hoole Read more: Moment MPs voted that

Meet the deepest fish in the sea: The Mariana snailfish – GeekWire

These ghostly creatures from the Mariana Trench have a distinction of substance: They’re the deepest fish ever brought up from the deep sea.

George Orwell Predicted Cameras Would Watch Us in Our Homes; He Never Imagined We’d Gladly Buy and Install Them Ourselves | Open Culture


Economist: Flat-Earth Movement Appears to Be Growing – The Savage Nation

NEWSMAX – KATHY BURKE A California man’s stunt designed to prove the Earth is flat is the latest example of a conspiracy-fueled trend that’s been gaining traction in the United States, the Economist reported. Flat-Earther “Mad” Mike Hughes hopes to launch himself 1,800 feet in the air in his homemade steam-powered rocket made of scrap metal; his latest…

Science Backs Up Bible Regarding Porn Use

The Bible tells us, in 1 Corinthians 6:18, that sexual sin has negative physical consequences.

Confronting The Threat of Ethnic Bioweapons

If genetics is a form of living info, then concepts familiar to IT security experts may prove useful in explaining how to safeguard against malicious “code”

Facebook’s New Suicide Detection A.I., Could Put Innocent People Behind Bars

Why are police conducting wellness checks for Facebook? Are private corporations running police departments? Social media users are spied on…

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Life expectancy has dropped because of antibiotic resistance, says ONS

Antibiotic resistance has caused a fall in life expectancy for the first time, the Office for National Statistics has said.

First Living Tattoos Created By MIT Scientists – 3D Printing Update – Strange Sounds

A team of scientists from the MIT has developed a new method of 3D printing based on using genetically modified bacterial cells as active components, or living tattoos

Over 200 well preserved pterosaurs eggs some with embryonic remains unearthed in China – Strange Sounds

Over 200 extremely well-preserved pterosaurs eggs have been unearthed in China, with 16 of containing embryonic remains. This is the largest pterosaur egg collection ever found.

Robotic Super Monster Wolf with glowing red eyes and terrifying growl to help protect livestock and crops in Japan – Strange Sounds

The Super Monster Wolf robots have glowing red eyes and a terrifying growl to help protect livestock and crops in Japan. And it works perfectly until they decide to attack!

This year’s flu set to be one of the worst ever | Daily Mail Online

The US will be hit by the H3N2 flu strain this year – the same strain responsible for the biggest outbreaks in recent history and the one that has just wreaked havoc in Australia.

Global Vaccine Cartel Wreaks Destruction: The Evidence …………..


New simple method purges our Oceans from radioactive Cesium-137 released by the Fukushima disaster – Strange Sounds

This new simple method could purge our Oceans from the most dangerous radioactive Cesium-137 released by the Fukushima disaster in sea waters.

Dramatic Visual Medical Proof Of EMF Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity In EHS Patients

This study ought to refute the utilities medical and EMF/RF experts, who still believe in the ‘flat earth society’ theory when it comes to EMFs/RFs/ELFs

Our crappily stored radioactive waste is probably going to explode video – Strange Sounds

Radioactive waste problematic in the USA: We are slowly transforming the subterranean United States into one big atomic bomb.

Tidalgate: ‘Alarmist scientists’ caught faking sea level rise — Earth Changes —

Alarmist scientists have been caught red-handed tampering with raw data in order to exaggerate sea level rise. The raw (unadjusted) data from three Indian Ocean gauges – Aden, Karachi and Mumbai – showed that local sea level trends in the last…

Assassins killed Panama Papers journalist with text message bomb – NY Daily News


AI Building AI: Mankind Losing More Control over Artificial Intelligence | The Freedom Articles

We have the reached the stage of AI Building AI. Our AI robots/machines are creating child AI robots/machines. Have we already lost control?

Hell Hole on Earth – LewRockwell


Scientists capture mysterious hum from deep inside the Earth – but no one knows what it is – Mirror Online

The new study could help to shed on the source of the vibrations

Navy Wants to Link Fleets to AI

In a move that would allow for the coordination of its forces through the sharing of massive amounts of real-time data, the U.S. Navy is looking to link its vessels and aircraft with an artificial intelligence.

New cars to be equipped with ‘complimentary’ TSA PreCheck biometric scanners

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Public university hosts event that has students make bracelets with ‘privilege beads’ – The Savage Nation

THE COLLEGE FIX: A recent workshop at California State Fullerton included students making bracelets with beads meant to represent their various forms of privilege. The public university’s LGBT Queer Resource Center hosted the event, which was held on Tuesday and titled “Privilege Beads,” according to the Daily Titan. The student newspaper reported the event “aimed to initiate conversations…

Scientists ‘Inject’ Information Into Monkeys’ Brains – The Savage Nation

THE NEW YORK TIMES – KARL ZIMMER When you drive toward an intersection, the sight of the light turning red will (or should) make you step on the brake. This action happens thanks to a chain of events inside your head. Your eyes relay signals to the visual centers in the back of your brain.…

Student suspended for debating Islamic extremism with Muslim peer in debate club

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AI will create a life-like ‘false reality’ | Daily Mail Online

New advances in graphic manipulations by Santa Clara-based technology company Nvidia mean artificial simulations are indistinguishable from the real thing.

Do You Know What We Are Breathing In From Weather Geoengineering Efforts?

Global weather geoengineering or “chemtrails,” literally rain down 43 known chemicals and metals, especially aluminum, which is…

PBS’s “Sesame Street” Airs Segment with Elmo and “Smarty” the Smart Phone. Almost Every Other Media Outlet on the Planet Reports about Technology Harming Children

I can love technology and still recognize that it’s causing problems – especially with kids. Over the last 2 decades it’s been heavily incorporated

Revelation Now 5 Points Flat-Earthers Will NOT Touch! | Revelation Now

Do you want to know why their is a resurgence “flat-earth” gobbledygook and a so-called connection to the Bible where the “shape” of the Earth is going to

You Wont Believe What Is In the New SMART PILL – YouTube

Cut The Cable Chord Today! Use promo code: hodges for $100 off Protect Your Information From Big Data – Click Here! https:/…

Wired releases a surveillance self-defense guide

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California Is Being Sued Because So Few Of Their Public School Children Can Read – The American Dream

At one elementary school in California, 96 percent of the students are not proficient in either English or math. How is that even possible? Unfortunately, the

CPS Grabs Newborn Baby From A Disabled Christian Mother After The Parents Expressed A Desire Not To Vaccinate – The American Dream

Sometimes a story comes along that makes your blood boil, and this is one of them. All over the nation CPS is stealing children from Christian families that

Global vaccine cartel wreaks destruction: the evidence « Jon Rappoport’s Blog

Global vaccine cartel wreaks destruction: the evidence by Jon Rappoport December 6, 2017 Massive vaccine damage, hidden. Put these two public-health agency statements up against each other: DON’T GIVE THIS VACCINE TO PEOPLE WHOSE IMMUNE SYSTEMS ARE WEAK, BECAUSE DIRE CONSEQUENCES WOULD FOLLOW. WE GAVE THIS VACCINE TO 100 MILLION PEOPLE, MILLIONS OF WHOM HAD…

Physicist Geordie Rose recruits techies to create a ‘tsunami’ of AI demons who see humans as ants | Fellowship of the Minds

Geordie Rose is a physicist, with a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from the University of British Columbia in 2000, and a B. Eng. in engineering physics from McMasters University in 1994. Rose is the founder-CEO-CTO of the Canadian quantum computer company D­-Wave Systems, Inc., the first company in the world to sell quantum computers. D-Wave…

The mysterious ‘Russian Woodpecker’ radar looks like a mind-control device or a weather machine – Strange Sounds

The mysterious ‘Russian Woodpecker’ radar looks like a mind-control device or a weather machine, but was used by Russian as radar to spot incoming US missiles.

Why Oppose the Globalists and Then Let Them Educate Your Children? – Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

Scientists Prove Those Vaccinated for Shingles Can Infect Others with Chicken Pox

For many years, the US government and mainstream media have continued to blame the unvaccinated community for the spread of infectious disease.

China creates DNA database for entire population of Muslim region blighted by violence – Mirror Online

Authorities have collected DNA and other biometric data from the whole of the western region of Xinjiang, where hundreds have been killed in the past few years

Flying car: Sampson Motors sports car ready in 2018 | Daily Star

FLYING cars that hit an astonishing 200mph will be on sale from next year – and could be yours for £90,000.

Directed energy weapons are being used to cause strange Wild Fires video – Strange Sounds

There is something extremely wrong with the current ‘Wild Fires’ in California. They use directed energy weapons to cause the current apocalyptic Wildfires

Do you hear a loud boom when watching this silent GIF? – Strange Sounds

Do you hear a loud boom when watching this silent GIF showing three towers playing jump rope? Another amazing sensory illusion known as synesthesia.

Test to find out where you fit on the ‘selfitis’ scale | Daily Mail Online

Rsearchers from Nottingham Trent University and India’s Thiagarajar School confirmed ‘selfitis’ does exist. There are three categories – borderline, acute and chronic.

Mainstream Media Now Urging Parents to Give 3-Year-Old Kids Dangerous Drugs for Depression

The mainstream media is now warning parents that their children as young as 3 years old, could develop depression and should be checked by doctors.

Being Conservative Is Against The Rules? College Rejects Conservative Chapter Because It Doesn’t ‘Conform’ To School Values | The Daily Sheeple

An Iowa college’s student government rejected a conservative club’s application to operate because the organization allegedly didn’t conform to the school’s

Residents Outraged As DHS Spraying Town With Chemicals – Using Them as Human Guinea Pigs | The Daily Sheeple

Residents of a small Oklahoma town fear they are being used by Homeland Security as test subjects for chemical/biological warfare testing.

Internet is Infrastructure for the Police State –

Henry Makow’s official web site. Exposing Feminism and the New World Order


Economics Control of the Belly :1st Samuel Chapter 8

New Cold War in the Indian Ocean | Asia Times


Thanksgiving help for the homeless: ‘We haven’t seen numbers like this since the Great Depression’ – LA Times

Thanksgiving meals will be served to thousands of homeless and near-homeless individuals today on Skid Row and in Pasadena and Canoga Park amid calls for donations and volunteers for the rest of the year.

Undercover at Amazon: Exhausted humans are inefficient so robots are taking over – Alan Selby – Mirror Online

Mirror investigative reporter says: ‘Amazon has recognised humans are the least efficient part of the operation – it makes more money by treating its workers as expendable commodities’

Robots Are Coming for Jobs of as Many as 800 Million Worldwide – Bloomberg

As many as 800 million workers worldwide may lose their jobs to robots and automation by 2030, equivalent to more than a fifth of today’s global labor force.

Off-Grid Refrigeration During A Long-Term SHTF Event – Survival Dan 101

One of the hardest things to go without when going off-grid is refrigeration. Most other operations can be replaced by manual means but keeping food

BRICS Planning Its Own Gold Trading System

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The richest 1 percent now owns more of the country’s wealth than at any time in the past 50 years – The Washington Post

Income inequality is bad enough, but wealth inequality is way worse.

Bitcoin Juggernaut Hits New High of $15,000 ……………..


Venezuela Moving Deeper Into Crisis—Lessons We Can Learn From Venezuela’s Economic Collapse – Survival Dan 101

The scary part is that the events leading up to the economic collapse are not all that different from current conditions in the United States. Venezuela was

Why are America’s farmers killing themselves in record numbers? | US news | The Guardian

The suicide rate for farmers is more than double that of veterans. Former farmer Debbie Weingarten gives an insider’s perspective on farm life – and how to help

America’s malls are rotting away – Dec. 12, 2017

Experts predict one fourth of malls will die in five years. Here’s why.

The Big Wobble: Deadly explosion and fire that rip’s through Austria’s main gas pipeline causing Italy to declare a state of emergency due to a lack of supplies


Bitcoin: IRS Wins Coinbase Fight, Access to 14,000 Accounts | Fortune

A judge ordered Coinbase to identify 14,355 accounts, representing 9 million transactions worth $20,000 or more.

World’s richest 0.1% have boosted their wealth by as much as poorest half | Inequality | The Guardian

Inequality report also shows UK’s 50,000 richest people have seen their share of the country’s wealth double since 1984

US retail sales rose 0.8% in Nov, vs 0.3% increase expected

Sales increased more than expected in November as the holiday shopping season got off to a brisk start, pointing to sustained strength in the economy.

Trend Forecaster Predicts: “Bitcoin Will Soar Over $100,000… It’s The Gold Standard Of Digital Currency”

This isn’t going to happen overnight but the path for cryptocurrency to dethrone the central banks is certainly on the table over the next five years.

Growing vegetables in your own yard now confirmed as a criminal offense by Florida courts… INSANITY is now LAW –


GOP releases its final tax plan — here’s what’s in it

The House and Senate GOP hope to pass the sweeping measure by the middle of next week, hitting a year-end target.

Cryptocurrency Chaos: Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum All Keep Surging To New Record Highs With No End In Sight

The cryptocurrency revolution is the biggest story in the financial world right now. In recent days I have spent a lot of time writing about Bitcoin, but the

Asked About Retiring, They Have a Simple Answer: Why? – The New York Times

A growing number of Americans are working well past the age of 75, for a variety of reasons: Some want to make a contribution, some need the income, and some just love their jobs.

Is Amazon taking over the world? The internet giant wants to be the Everything Store – and it’s on its way – Mirror Online

As Amazon announced it was buying Whole Foods for £11billion and looks set to set its sights on the grocery market there are worries it could become too powerful


Entertainment Predictive Programming :Project Blue Beam — MK-Ultra Tavistock– Satanic MAGIC AND SORCERY ILLUSIONS AKA MIND CONTROL This is what THEY are orchestrating with the legal authority of judgment issued from the court of Heaven! Yes these things are coming to pass and will come to pass. Their father’s lease is just about up! Just wait, terrorism, then asteroids, and then the aliens. The world’s gods are deluding you and Israel is the prize, not the place but the people.

The worst natural disaster in the history of North America has a one-in-three chance of happening – Strange Sounds

Cascadia: The worst natural disaster in the history of North America has a one-in-three chance of happening along the west coast from California to Canada

Spurious claim: Climate driven human extinction “in the coming decades or sooner” — Earth Changes —

Toronto Now reporter Zach Ruiter has called the imminent extinction of mankind based on all the different climate scare stories he has read. Are we headed for near-term human extinction? Recent studies suggest it is irresponsible to rule out the…

NFL HELL: Empty Seats Trend Moves into Week 12 in Stadiums Across Country as Anthem Protests Continue (PHOTOS)


Meet the Elite: Father of Mainstream Media, Skull and Bones Member Henry Luce

“The elite” is a non-complicated way to describe this web of people: bankers, intelligence agencies, and wealthy industrialists in the era of Henry Luce.

Revelation Now Super Bowl Lady Gaga Flub: Why Snopes Cannot Be Trusted | Revelation Now

I do not know how I missed the Snopes website post titled, Where I learned of their superficial research techniques investigating if Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl

Unhinged coverage of Trump is hurting the media | New York Post

Turn down the volume. Unclench your fist. Turn the dial back down from 11. Trump isn’t going anywhere for a while. Deal with it. A year ago this week, I…

Must Watch: Hollywood Child Abuse Documentary “An Open Secret” Released Online (For Free) – The Vigilant Citizen

An Open Secret is a documentary about the abuse of young boys at the hands of “important men” in Hollywood. It is now available online (for free) for a lim

Scientists show that worms can reproduce in martian soil | Daily Mail Online

Researchers from Wageningen University in the Netherlands carried out an experiment that simulated life on Mars, and showed that two young earthworms were born in martian soil.

Media Meltdown Over Trump ‘Pocahontas’ Joke to Navajo Code Talkers ……………


Nasa confirms asteroid will pass Earth on December 16 | Daily Mail Online

Nasa expects Phaethon to make its closest pass with Earth on December 16, during which time the space agency hopes to take detailed images of the asteroid (stock image).

Matt Lauer fired from NBC News after complaint about ‘inappropriate sexual behavior’ – Nov. 29, 2017

The network announced it on the “Today” show on Wednesday.

NPR Chief News Editor Departs After Harassment Allegations : The Two-Way : NPR

“David Sweeney is no longer on staff,” acting Senior Vice President of News Chris Turpin said in an email to staff. At least three female journalists have filed complaints against Sweeney.

ESPN eliminating 150 production, tech jobs in latest cuts | FOX Sports

BRISTOL, Conn. (AP) ESPN is eliminating 150 production and technical employees as the sports broadcasting giant continues to shift its focus to a more digital future.

‘Megathrust’ earthquake & devastating tsunami could hit New Zealand, scientists warn — RT World News

Massive 9.0 magnitude earthquake and devastating tsunami could hit New Zealand, local scientists warn.

Home | Shepherds Heart Heavenly Beauty and Health Products


There Is Some Crazy Stuff Coming Down, Chaos Is On The Calendar – Why Are Military Contractors Preparing To Deploy Within America?

Another Sign Emerges Something Huge May Be Coming Accompanied By Mass Social Unrest

Sex Scandal Sacrifices Are Low Level Rats Being Thrown To The Wolves To Cover Up PedoGate (Part Two)

The Worst Is Yet To Come

NFL HELL: Thousands of Empty Seats Plague Redskins vs. Cowboys Kickoff (PHOTOS)


The AGW debate – Cold now caused by heat! — Earth Changes —

The Polar Vortex is forecast to return, and the forecast is clear. Climate scientists will soon start blaming cold on heat. Just like they do every time it gets cold.

Liberal Media is Crumbling! – Massive Layoffs! – YouTube

Massive layoffs at liberal media outlets like ESPN, Buzzfeed, and crumbling finances at New York Times! Order my new book, The True Story of Fake News: How M…

Sphinx head discovered beneath sands of California blows dust off one of the greatest stories of extravagance in Hollywood history – Mirror Online

The perfectly intact 300-pound plaster head was unearthed by archaeologists excavating the set of Cecil B. DeMille’s 95-year-old movie set for The Ten Commandments.

Geraldo Rivera Apologizes to Bette Midler, Women Named in His ‘Tawdry’ Memoir

Geraldo Rivera has apologized to Bette Midler and other women named in his “tawdry” memoir, saying he is “embarrassed and profoundly sorry.”

“Christian Evangelicals With Their Crazy Ideas” MSNBC Host Chris Matthews Attacks Christians For Supporting Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital

Leftist MSNBC host Chris Matthews recently tore into American Christians for their support of moving the Israeli capital to Jerusalem.

DHS Plans Chemical / Biological Weapons Drill in January –

Henry Makow’s official web site. Exposing Feminism and the New World Order

Trump: CNN made ‘vicious and purposeful mistake’ | TheHill

President Trump on Saturday accused CNN of making a “vicious and intentional mistake” when the network was forced to correct an erroneous news report related to the Trump/Russia probe.

Activist films dying polar bear and blames ‘global warming’ — Earth Changes —

Every couple years photographs surface showing a “starving” polar bear whose plight is inevitably used to sound the alarm on man-made global warming. However, like previous claims, footage of a single dying bear is not evidence of global…

LIST: CNN’s Fake News Stories In 2017 | The Daily Caller

CNN has repeatedly made key errors when breaking big stories, only to get embarrassed when the facts come to light. Donald Trump has called CNN ‘fake news.’

Veteran Disney Executive Arrested On Child Sex Abuse Charges

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Here’s Proof That 91 Percent Of Democrats Are Clueless Dupes Because All They Watch And Read Is FAKE News | The Daily Sheeple

The vast majority of establishment media types are little more than far-Left hacks and shills for the Democratic Party.

Programming Babies: YouTube Censors Conservative Political Causes, But Allows Traumatizing Content For Kids | The Daily Sheeple

YouTube can be a scary place sometimes – especially if you’re a toddler watching creepy animated characters dance to bizarre songs on YouTube Kids.

Toronto conspiracy theory radio show cancelled after anti-Semitic rant – The Canadian Jewish News


NASA just unveiled its plan to retrieve the first-ever samples from Mars

NASA has unveiled its plan for its next Mars rover, “Mars 2020”, which will collect samples from the surface of the red planet. 

Astronomers to check interstellar body for signs of alien technology | Science | The Guardian

Green Bank telescope in West Virginia will listen for radio signals from ‘Oumuamua, an object from another solar system

American astronauts are going back to the moon, Mars under Trump’s new directive | American Military News

On Monday, President Donald Trump signed the “Space Policy Directive 1,” a directive that orders NASA to start sending American astronauts back to the moon and

Why Stephen Hawking and the world’s top scientists say this massive object hurtling through space could be an alien spaceship

The British genius is leading a team of scientists who are scanning the baffling space rock for any signs of extra terrestrial life

The Simpsons predicted Disney buying Fox 19 years ago | Daily Mail Online

The Simpsons have done it again with accurately predicting the future in one of their episodes that aired nearly 20 years ago and showing that Walt Disney Co. took over 21st Century Fox Inc.

NFL posts highest unfavorable rating of any major sport for third straight month – Washington Times

The NFL registered the highest unfavorable rating of any major U.S. sport for the third straight month in a newly released survey, a hit attributed in part to the ongoing protests during the national anthem.





‘ISIS Opens Sex-Slave Market in Turkey’s Capital’ | Clarion Project Clarion Project

A new report says Islamic State has transferred its sex-slave business into Turkey – including a market in the capital city of Ankara.

Oh, Lord! Church of Sweden Drops Male God For the Sake of Inclusion – Sputnik International

In a bid to become more inclusive, the Church of Sweden has voted to adopt a new handbook that advocates discarding masculine references to God, such as “he” and “Lord.”

Black Friday mayhem begins as stores open doors early | Daily Mail Online

A brawl erupted in Birmingham, Alabama which forced a mall to be shut early as shoppers fought over Black Friday deals.

Leftist Writer: ‘If You Have A Penis You Probably Deserve Murdering’ ……………..


IU Health says nurse won’t ‘have access to patient care’ while they investigate controversial tweets – Indianapolis, IN

IU Health is investigating a controversial post made by a nurse that has attracted a social media firestorm.

Great schism as church demands gender-neutral language for God – The Savage Nation

NEW YORK POST/PHOTO CREDIT: WIKIMEDIA COMMONS The Church of Sweden is urging its clergy to use gender-neutral language when referring to the supreme deity, refraining from using terms like “Lord” and “He” in favor of the less specific “God.” The move is one of several taken by the national Evangelical Lutheran church in updating a…

A second judge has blocked Trump’s ban on transgender troops – The Savage Nation

BUSINESS INSIDER- ANDREW CHUNG A second federal judge on Tuesday blocked President Donald Trump from banning transgender people from serving in the U.S. military, ruling that the prohibition likely amounted to unconstitutional discrimination. U.S. District Judge Marvin Garbis in Baltimore ruled that the ban lacked justification and “cannot possibly constitute a legitimate governmental interest.” His…

Good Samaritans Shutdown, Ticketed for Feeding Homeless During Thanksgiving Holiday

Feeding the homeless is now illegal in Atlanta and you will be ticketed and extorted unless you pay the state for permission beforehand.

Wives of Tranny Men Get No Sympathy –

Henry Makow’s official web site. Exposing Feminism and the New World Order

Girlguiding UK Allows ‘Transgender’ Guides to Share Showers, Tents with Girls

Male guides who “identify” as female will be allowed to shower with girls during camping trips, Girlguiding UK literature has revealed.

Mall Cop Tries To Kick Navy SEAL Out Of Store For Talking About God – Watch What Happens Next – YouTube

Bringing you the latest News Headlines Daily Credits to the person recording this video 🙂

Latest Atrocities In Modern Art – YouTube

Modern art is worse than ever. Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we’re reaching millions help us reach millions more. Share the free live v…

Son Mutilated Dad, Posted Selfies After Murder: Prosecutors « CBS Chicago

Prosecutors say Carlton Edmondson murdered the 61-year-old and mutilated the body in the basement of the older man’s West Pullman home.

Woman, 26, chopped off boyfriend’s penis with garden shears | Metro News

Survivor to ex-boyfriend assailant: Do you feel like a man?

Tony Ledbetter, in Sioux Falls, accused of using scissors to cut off his ex-girlfriend’s nipples was sentenced Tuesday to 45 years in prison.

ISIS children kill ‘spy’ by chopping arms off with swords | Daily Mail Online

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. The disgusting video, released by ISIS terrorists operating along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, shows children murdering an alleged US spy in brutal fashion.

Cannibalism Is Becoming More And More Popular | Walid Shoebat


Teachers forced to attend ‘LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP’ training session – YouTube

Canadian school board took a progressive step by having teachers participate in extensive inclusiveness training. But the title of the training has baffled m…

Teen undergoes ’50 surgeries’ in a bid to look like her idol Angelina Jolie… but is branded a ‘zombie’ instead


Video: Burger King manager filmed screaming at customer for taking too long to order – The Savage Nation

FOX NEWS: A hungry Burger King customer in Ohio got an earful of expletives last Wednesday after the restaurant’s manager cussed her out for taking too long to order. Lizzie Ramsey, of Newark, Ohio, said that she and her husband Cody — along with his co-worker and his 11- and 12-year-old brothers — had pulled…

‘Pray Prince George is gay’: Clergyman wants 4yo royal to find ‘love of fine young gentleman’ — RT UK News

Prince George coming out as gay could force the church to change its stance on same-sex marriage, according to the Very Rev Kevin Holdsworth.

Organ Harvesting And Mutilation Of Libyan Slaves ………………..


Man arrested as smelly socks unleash chaos on Indian bus

Indian police arrested a man whose stinky socks caused a showdown on a bus as his fellow passengers protested the pungent odour, an officer said Saturday. The man removed his shoes and socks on a bus going from the Himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh to New Delhi and put them near the aisle, police

Video Shows Delivery Driver Pooping In Front Of Sacramento Home « CBS13 | CBS Sacramento

A Sacramento resident is crying foul after a woman delivering packages for Amazon allegedly did her business in the street in front of the woman’s home. And the repulsive act was caught on video.

Young People Say Calling Them a ‘Snowflake’ Damages Their Mental Health …………………


27% of millennials say they would consider dating a robot | Daily Mail Online

The report was created by Paris-based advertising firm Havas, and examined the future of artificial intelligence, and people’s attitudes to the future of technology.

Philly: Bill Banning Shops From Protecting Themselves With Bulletproof Plexiglass Passes Committee

Philadelphia’s Public Health and Human Services Committee passed a bill Monday to ban shop owners from protecting themselves with bulletproof plexiglass.

Muslim Students at Catholic University Complain Christmas Gets Too Much Attention | Truth Revolt

Muslim students who knew they were enrolling into a Catholic university are now expressing dismay that come Christmas time, the campus is decorated for the holiday season. They want Islamic holidays to receive the same attention even though they represent just a small fraction of the entire student population.

Video of the Day – Arizona Cop Executes Terrified Man in Cold Blood

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Australian parliament approves same-sex marriage – BBC News

MPs overwhelmingly vote to legalise same-sex marriage, setting off immediate celebrations.

Disturbing Video Shows Cops Kill Unarmed Man as Bystanders Beg Them to Use Tasers | The Daily Sheeple

A Florida man was killed on video this week following a clash with police. He was unarmed when he was killed as witnessed begged cops to taser him.

SHOCKING! Violent ANTIFA Protest Dead Woman’s Memorial – YouTube

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Mistress Anna whips clients at bizarre Australian bondage fitness camp | Daily Star

A DOMINATRIX is whipping her nappy-wearing clients into shape at a bizarre sex fetish fitness camp.

Another Human Foot Washes Ashore in Canada. That Makes 13. – The New York Times

A man walking his dog on Vancouver Island found a leg with a foot in a black sneaker on a beach. The authorities are trying to get a DNA sample from it.

Why Are There Paintings Depicting Ritual Abuse On Display at the Las Vegas Courthouse? – The Vigilant Citizen

Disturbing paintings depicting various scenes of ritual abuse are on display near the entrance of the Lloyd George Federal Courthouse in Las Vegas.  The of

Investigation into shark-dragging viral video nets 3 arrests

Three men have been arrested in connection with a shark-dragging video that went viral in July.

Cologne To Distribute ‘Tolerance’ Wristbands to Combat New Year’s Eve Sex Attacks

The city of Cologne has announced they will be handing out “respect” wristbands to encourage understanding between individuals on New Year’s Eve and prevent the kind of sex attacks that occurred in 2015.

Watch: Naked Man Crashes Car, Takes a Ride on Top of Moving Truck On VA Highway | The Daily Sheeple

A naked man made rush hour traffic very interesting for commuters in Virginia yesterday…

Plane Forced To Land After Man Starts BITING Other Passengers [VIDEO] | The Daily Sheeple

A man suddenly began biting his fellow passengers on a JetBlue flight from Los Angeles to New York Sunday, forcing the plane to divert and land in Las Vegas.

Entire Family Turns Transgender – The Savage Nation




Mysterious Sherbrooke Stones – Did Africans Visit North America 2,500 Years Ago? | Ancient Pages


The Sibiu Manuscript—a 500-year-old text that describes multi-stage rockets | Ancient Code


Scary archeology: The genocide pit in Sacred Ridge, Colorado – Strange Sounds

Scary archeology: A genocide took place in Sacred Ridge in Colorado around 1,200 years ago, where people were hobbled, tortured and diced in pieces.

A hurricane in the Great Lakes killed hundreds and wrecked dozens of ships – Strange Sounds

In 1913, the unusual White Hurricane also known as “The November Witch” killed over 200 people and destroyed a bunch of ships in the Great Lakes.

Lake Nyos murdered 1,746 people overnight – Strange Sounds

Nobody knows why, but on August 21st, 1986, Lake Nyos in Cameroon exploded, asphyxiating 1,746 people and cattle overnight. Killer lakes Nyos and Kivu.

The Giants of Ancient Albion & the Legendary Founding of Prehistoric Britain | Ancient Origins


“Manuscript 512,” an ancient text that mentions a lost ‘Mediterranean-type city’ in the Amazon | Ancient Code


Advanced super secret three-quarter mile tall wall-like structure spans more than ten thousand miles of seafloor in straight line

A massive 3/4 mile tall wall-like structure has been located on the bottom of the seafloor which spans a distance of over 10,000 miles

Giant Ancient Minoan Axes Used For Unknown Purposes | Ancient Pages


Exclusive: Age of Jesus Christ’s Purported Tomb Revealed

Construction materials date to Roman times, suggesting the original holy site’s legacy has survived despite its destruction 1,000 years ago.

Zuni: Ancient native americans in New Mexico speak Japanese – Strange Sounds

Ancient Zuni native americans in New Mexico speak Japanese and thus show that history books are wrong! Was Colombus in Japan?

Scary archeology: Inside the terrifying caves of Mount Owen Moa – Strange Sounds

During an expedition into Mount Owen in New Zealand archeologists found something very disturbing: A pile of strange bones still connected to shredded fragments of skin, as though fresh and attached to this thing:

Rare Bronze Age iron artifacts were forged from IRON METEORITES – Strange Sounds

Rare iron tools dating back to the Bronze Age long before humans were able to smelt iron ore were all forged from IRON METEORITES.

Tamils and Sumerians Among the FIRST to Reach Australia and Antarctica? PART I | Ancient Origins

Mysterious disappearances continue in the Alaska Bermuda Triangle – Strange Sounds

Aside from being known for its natural beauty, a large section of Alaska has come to be called the Bermuda triangle of Alaska because people seem to go missing at an eerily high rate.

Mystery Of The Horned Serpent In North America, Mesopotamia, Egypt And Europe | Ancient Pages


Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered two 3,500-year-old ancient tombs in the southern city of Luxor – Mirror Online

Archaeologists say the tombs date back some 3,500 years to the famous Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt

Ancient pagan ‘gods’ reappearing around U.S., world

A Free Press For A Free People Since 1997

Scary archeology: The mass grave of the 51 headless Vikings – Strange Sounds

Archaeologists were digging up the side of a boring old roadway in Dorset when they unearthed a mass grave containing the headless remains of 54 Vikings.

Ancient mummy diagnosed with cancer video – Strange Sounds

This ancient mummy – a 2,000 years old man – was diagnosed with cancer after a full CT scan at Crouse Hospital in Syracuse found a rare tumor in its leg.



Ticks Trapped in Amber Were Likely Sucking Dinosaur Blood – The New York Times

It is rare to find parasites with their hosts in the fossil record, and the discovery is the first direct evidence of the pests feeding on dinosaur blood.

New GIANT human-sized Penguin Fossil found in New Zealand named after the Maori words “kumi”, meaning a large mythological monster, and “manu” for bird

New GIANT human-sized Penguin found near Christchurch, New Zealand and named after the Maori words “kumi”, meaning a large mythological monster, and “manu” for bird.

Ancient Giants In Ecuador Were Killed By Fire From The Sky – Indian Legends Reveal | Ancient Pages


Mysterious figures in Mazaredo Bay, Argentina communicate with “Something” from the sea video – Strange Sounds

Mysterious figures in Mazaredo Bay, Argentina communicate with “Something” from the sea. UFO report with precise maps and strange video

Ancient Egypt was ruled by a GIANT – Strange Sounds

Giants are more than just myths. The supposed remains of Sa-Nakht, a pharaoh of ancient Egypt, may be the oldest known human giant.

Mysterious dinosaur-like creature discovered with flesh still on its bones leaves scientists baffled – Mirror Online

The partially-preserved corpse was unearthed by an electrician cleaning out a sub-station left untouched for 35 years

12000 Yr Old Mountain Sized Statue Found In Africa? – YouTube

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Underwater Roman Bibical city of Corinth found INTACT in Greece | Daily Star

ARCHAEOLOGISTS have uncovered “mind-blowing” architecture almost perfectly intact from the ancient Biblical city of Corinth – despite being wiped out by a devastating earthquake 1,400 years ago.

10,000 year-old woolly mammoth skeleton sells for $645,000 – NBC News

An ancient and nearly intact mammoth skeleton has sold to the CEO of Soprema at a French auction house for nearly $645,000.

Ancient World’s Second Largest Library Of Codices, Manuscripts Reopened In Sinai | Ancient Pages




End Times Signs: Dramatic Increase in Earthquakes Proven

Earthquake data shows dramatic increase globally; Christ’s Sin Amnesty and the deadline for repentance; Looming Ice Age and its effect on farmers and nations

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Trolled into Oblivion – Live On Air – YouTube

Watch CNN hilariously get trolled by LaVar Ball who turns Chris Cuomo’s show into a joke. Order my new book, The True Story of Fake News: How Mainstream Medi…

‘On Time All the Time’: Hardworking, Reliable Teen Who Bikes More Than 6 Miles to Work Every Day Gets Awesome Surprise From Co-Workers – Faithwire

A young man who has spent the past six months riding his bike six-and-a-half miles to work each day — […]

Young woman raises over $280K for homeless veteran who spent his last $20 to buy her gas – ABC News

Woman raises over $280K for homeless veteran who spent last $20 to help her



7 Lies The Statists Want You To Believe

(2) A President is authorized to get involved in a foreign war without authorization from Congress, as long as it’s for no more than 60 days…

Heartwarming moment mum elephant is reunited with her calf | Daily Mail Online

A baby elephant fell into a well in Kerala, India, while its herd were passing a village in the night. Villagers freed the distressed animal and witnessed a breathtaking reunion.

Trump’s Grand Deal: Embassy in Jerusalem, Palestinian State, War with Iran

President Trump’s grand deal to include embassy in Jerusalem, Palestinian State and war with Iran; Russia investigates claim Bolshevik Jews ritually murdered the Imperial family.

BREAKING: Undercover Video Exposes Washington Post’s Hidden Agenda #AmericanPravda – YouTube

In newly released undercover video, Washington Post National Security Correspondent Dan Lamothe and Director of Product Joey Marburger speak to the paper’s h…

James O’Keefe Speaks at SMU – Highlights – YouTube

Watch the highlights from James O’Keefe’s Nov. 29 speech at SMU in the wake of his American Pravda, Washington Post expose. Donate:…

About Project Veritas – YouTube

Bypassing the gatekeepers in the mainstream media to force political and media elites to respond and react to our videos.

Warnings intensify as Trump readies Jerusalem declaration | Daily Mail Online

America’s friends and foes unleashed fierce criticism on Wednesday ahead of President Donald Trump’s announcement recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Will Satan’s Suicide Machine Lead You to His VR Heaven?

Will 3-D printed suicide machines allow Satan to lead humanity into a fake virtual reality which imitates heaven? Today the team discusses this chilling prospect and the politically motivated witch hunt against President Trump.




It might seem odd for a Modern Orthodox Jewish family to join a Chabad synagogue. But Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner are already quite invested in the ultra-Orthodox outreach movement – or to be more precise, their parents are.

Greater Israel – The Jewish Plan for the Middle East, The Oded Yinon Plan. – YouTube

The master plan for the Middle East in a nutshell. Oded Yinon an Israeli strategist proposed breaking up Arab countries, to create greater Israel. All the ev…

Jared Kushner discusses peace in the Middle East.

President Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser spoke at a forum for Middle East Peace. Trump is considering Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Jared Kushner traveled unannounced to Saudi Arabia – CNNPolitics

Jared Kushner and other senior White House advisers traveled to Saudi Arabia last week to continue discussions on Middle East peace, a White House official told CNN.

Report: Jared Kushner, Rex Tillerson Clash over Middle East Policy

Jared Kushner is stoking a widely reported feud with Rex Tillerson by pursuing his hopes for a peace deal in the Middle East.

The curious case of Jared Kushner and the Israel lobby | Middle East Eye

Kushner crossed the line from using his First Amendment right to speak freely about government policy into subverting official US foreign policy in favour of Israel

Revelation Now In 1773 Some Black Slaves WROTE in Hebrew! | Revelation Now

There is an awakening to the plausibility dark skinned people were scattered throughout the ten kingdoms as slaves. As more information is aggregated there is

Jerusalem Recognition Stems From JFK’s Murder –

Henry Makow’s official web site. Exposing Feminism and the New World Order

Jerusalem Move Designed to Create Chaos –

Henry Makow’s official web site. Exposing Feminism and the New World Order

What Happens When Earth’s Magnetic Poles Reverse? – YouTube

Thousands of years ago, Earth’s magnetic poles flipped. What will happen the next time they reverse? Tara explains. Read More: Extremely rapid directional ch…

California Firestorms: Geoengineered Catastrophe ( Dane Wigington Geoengineering Watch ) – YouTube TO READ OR POST COMMENTS ON THIS VIDEO, PLEASE GO DIRECTLY TO THE ARTICLE…

What Really Happens When You ask Alexa ‘Who is the Lord Jesus Christ?’a fictional character – Faithwire

Comedian Steven Crowder went viral over Thanksgiving weekend when he recorded an impromptu video in which he and his producer […]

“Peek-a-boo” by Red Velvet: Why Do Men Keep Getting Killed in Music Videos? – The Vigilant Citizen

In Peek-a-boo, members of the group Red Velvet kill a pizza delivery boy as part of an occult ritual. It is the ultimate proof that K-Pop is completely sol

Open letter to Home Schoolers « Jon Rappoport’s Blog

Open letter to Home Schoolers Logic & Analysis by Jon Rappoport December 7, 2017 When logic is taught at all, it is usually handled in an abstract fashion. Students examine very simple patterns of reasoning and learn which patterns are correct and which are incorrect. When analysis of realistic text is taught at all, it…

The Secret Message Of Star Wars – YouTube

Star Wars is the biggest movie franchise in the world. It has a profound potential to influence people. Its creator, George Lucas, has infused the films with…

Where is all the water disappearing to? Major bodies of water vanishing globally! – YouTube

Where is all the water disappearing to? Major bodies of water vanishing globally! With all of the Weather anomalies happening lately, we have to ask are they…

The Moon, Trump, and Jerusalem….Amazing….Daily Updates – Daily Crow


SOTT Earth Changes Summary – November 2017: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs — Earth Changes —

From fireballs to floods to unseasonable snow in both hemispheres of our planet, this past November saw many meteorological records broken. After an unusually strong X-class solar flare and unusual solar activity back in September – possibly…

[VIDEO] Toddler Who Mistook Sister’s Wrestling Match For Fight Rushed To Save Her | The Daily Sheeple

Prepare for cuteness overload! A little boy, who mistook his sister’s wrestling match for a fight with another child, rushed in to save her as she competed.

Joe Sobran on The Bigotry of Tolerance – 2000 – YouTube

Broadcast on C-Span on June 16, 2000 Joseph Sobran spoke at a conference hosted by Accuracy in Academia at American University about efforts to promote toler…

Evidence points to Bitcoin being an NSA-engineered psyop to roll out one-world digital currency –