Spring Equinox 2017


This is a large post so buckle up.  It has been an interesting time!

Please see below for our witness for this Spring Equinox 2017, the turn of the year:

From Weston, Colorado,USA


But wait there is more! Update 20 March 2017 hmmmm…..

And finally from 21 March 2017

Our summation of what we are experiencing this year:

We have been testing and or attempting to disprove NASA and Greenwich for years now. So far, the Equinoxes occur when the say they do. We started in 2013 but our dial was too small and we had to learn how to set it and use it. Starting in 2014 to this Equinox, we have not been able to disprove what they say re equinox.

We have witnessed, 365, 365, 365, and now 366 this year. If you look it up you have 4 years of 365 and then a 366 year. Next years’ Spring Turn is charted to occur on the 20th as well. If anyone uses the 19th as the Spring Turn this year, next year, if the Spring Turn occurs on the 20th, then you will be dealing with another 366 day year.

The sun makes an oblong figure 8 in the sky over a year. The top of the 8 is fatter than the bottom of the 8. The top of the 8 is the summer solstice over the northern hemi and the bottom of the 8 is the winter solstice over the northern hemi. It takes a couple of days longer for the sun to make the summer solstice turn since the path is fatter at the top. We end up with 184-5 days between spring and fall in the northern hemi and 181 days between fall and spring. The slower movement of the sun for the northern hemi at summer solstice gives the extra days vs the period between fall and spring.

Bottom-line, we have to deal with what we have. Thus all the manmade crazy calendars out there. When you witness for yourself you will see the Gregorian day of the week change each year with 365 days and change two days for the 366 days in a year vs the spring equinox. So last year, the spring turn occurred on Sat the 19th. This year the 19th was a Sunday, and since the spring equinox occurred on the 20th a Monday, its two days of the week different from last years 365 day occurrence. The spring turn occurred on the 19th a Sat last year vs the 20th, a Monday this year. Two days different. In a 365 day year, the Gregorian changes one day a week vs two in a 366 day year.   Clear as mud, right!?

That’s why we have gone to witnessing and then counting and that’s it. We wait on the spring turn and then start counting. Doesn’t matter how many days are in a year. We keep 52 Shabbats and then a day or two like this year, to observe. We don’t call them shabbats or anything like that. Just waiting on him and taking great note and interest, connecting us with Him and all that He has made.

This year we also started to observe and mark using a large ‘gnomon” aka a telegraph pole.  We put white rocks at the end of the shadow in the field.  Kinda fun.  We were unable to complete this across the full observation day but we will continue doing this for future observations.

Pole in the field with white rock markers
Pole in the field with white rock markers

From Brother Floyd who has been observing with us for a number of years (picture taken 19 March 2017):


This year we have also received pics from our readers and listeners with some also setting up dials and observing for the first time.  These pics have been taken at various locations throughout the USA with some prior to and some on the day of observation. Time stamps on photos are sometimes suspect due to daylight saving mode on the camera and the camera battery itself not always maintaining an accurate time.  However they are all provided “as is”.

Although we are unable to verify that alignments, measurements and markings are correct we include them here not as a definitive witness of the spring equinox but as a witness that there are others out there taking the time to do so and to learn like the rest of us.  To that we say “good on you”!!

From Jimmy and Kaye (picture taken 21 March 2017):**New**


From Aaron (picture taken prior on 17 March 2017):

march 17th 2017 noon Moab UT

From Rush and Sterling (picture taken 19 March 2017):

Picture 286

From Jerry (picture taken earlier on 16 March 2017)


From downunder in Sydney,Australia on 20 March 2017

Just after Noon Sydney time


Later Afternoon


Final Measure

Nail Board with straight line through 8 markings across the day
Nail Board with straight line through 8 markings across the day

Our final comments for this year

This is the fifth year now that we have diligently measured the equinoxes and solstices, as best as we are able, learning each year.  We continue to share this information for the many that ask what we do.  We do not say “thus says YHWH”.

We have in our reckoning through various observations leading up to and including today, just completed a 366 day year as stated above.

We will now (Gregorian Calendar day of Tuesday 21st March 2017) start the count of the new biblical year – thus we will reckon it as Day 1 of the first month.

Shabbat will be reckoned on the 7th day of this count – thus Gregorian Calendar Monday 28th March 2017 will be reckoned as the first shabbat of the new biblical year and then each subsequent Gregorian Monday will be the shabbat, according to the count of this method.

Pesach will be reckoned on the evening of the 14th day of the count thus Gregorian Monday 3rd April 2017 is when we will be celebrating Pesach.  The next day will be the 15th day of the first month, thus being the first day of unleavened bread, and so on.

This continues to be the conviction that we have based on what we have observed and what we currently understand.  These dates are based on observation in the so called Northern Hemisphere.  If you live in the so called Southern Hemisphere then you may have a one day variance to these dates, according to your own observations and reckonings.

So for those of us in Sydney as an example, the Gregorian Wednesday 22nd March 2017 will be reckoned as Day 1 of the biblical year.  Shabbat will therefore follow on the 7th day as Tuesday 29th March 2017 and will occur each subsequent Tuesday.  Pesach on the 14th day of the first biblical month will therefore be on Gregorian Tuesday 4th April 2017 and so on.

We continue to encourage you to study and practice these matters for yourself and walk in the conviction that you have. The point is to be watching, observing and testing for yourself and establishing these things with multiple witnesses.  One day we will be on His (Abba YHWH’s) time for certain.

Thankyou to those of you who communicated with us during this time of observation and who setup dials and observed for the first time.  Keep going.

All glory, honour, thanks and praise be to YHWH and to our King Yahushua!

May we be a people pleasing to Him in the year ahead.

Keep looking up everything.

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The Paradigm Shift Team