Sundial Plans

If you are interested in building your own sundial and making your own observations of the movement of the sun then please find below the plans for making your own.

You will need some skills to bring it all together however the templates are provided as well as the instructions.

These were created at the time of building our own sundials.  It is called the First Day Tracker because it helps identify the Spring Equinox when both shadow lines are in the middle and then the next day begins the first day of the year and the count – this is our conviction at this time.

May Abba bless the work of your hands and may the dial help you to better understand not just the movement of the sun, but our Abba’s times and seasons.

Assembly Instructions

Template 1

Template 2

Template 3A

Template 3B

Rod and Staff Navigation

Sundial Alignment and Measurement

Sundial Video – in action