Recommended Links

Over the last few years of making the Paradigm Shift radio show we have developed many documents to capture some of our research and to help with the content of the show.  We have often mentioned on air that you can contact us for a copy.  Some of the shows go back years and yet we still get people listening to them and requesting the document via email.  Now they are available directly from the website.

Please see below for the links to many of the documents mentioned in past shows and some extras we have added since then.  They are not all formatted and pretty but they will give you the information we refer to.

1 Samuel 8 and The Declaration of Independence


2012 The Psy

Blood Red Moon Delusion

Calendar Research


College Conspiracy Section


Federal Loan Scam

Hunger Games Psy



Nazi Technology

Neumayer Station


Satanic Ritual Abuse

Scriptural Obfuscation 1

Serpent Seed in History

Smart Meters

Tavistock Zombies


The Fast of Broken Hearts

The Plague Is Already Here

The Power Behind The Machine

The Stars

The Great American Adventure

To Eliminate The Opiate by Rabbi Marvin Antelman

United States Presidents

US City in Idaho For Sale to China

Volcanic Activity


Will and Kate on Parade Down Under

YHWH’s Evil