Beyond Tangy Tangerine


We have been taking a product called Tangy Tangerine for almost a decade, and I have even used it as a prenatal due to its nutritional components. We have experienced this to be a powerhouse of fortification that no diet can touch.

We have been eating organic, GMO free foods for many years as well. The effects of Tangy Tangerine are still noticeable while eating the best foods we know to buy. For those who do not know, or believe, organics to be important…or they can’t afford to re-arrange their entire grocery cart to this standard…Tangy Tangerine will have enormous benefits, giving them so much of what their diet cannot.

We have literally dedicated a portion of our monthly grocery bill, for many years now, to this supplement. I have done so much research on all kinds of “healthy” things. To this day I cannot find anything comparable to this product. It has replaced all of our other efforts and is our constant go to for extra energy and nutrients. We don’t even take the recommended amount! We take half that.

I think that if you look into the science and development behind Tangy Tangerine you would be impressed. One of the things that piqued my interest so long ago was the fact that a veterinarian developed this product. I have had many a job in a vet clinic and considered this field for myself. I know firsthand how dedicated people are to their pets and high dollar animals. In many cases, as Dr. Wallach (the developer) discovered, people and medicine are far kinder and more serious about their animals’ health than other humans. Million dollar race horses can’t be in poor health. The same research that goes into keeping them at their best is behind Tangy Tangerine, which is why I gave it try even though I thought it was expensive at first. I know animals, and people who are serious about them give them the best of the best.

After taking TT and introducing it to others we can testify to its profound affects. It is the only product we are putting our names …aka Paradigm Shift, behind.

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Todd and Tamara

A testimony from Shelly:

My family has been using Tangy Tangerine for over a year now.  While we all benefit from it and can tell in our overall energy levels, the benefits to our son who has Down Syndrome and Autism far outweigh any we can claim for ourselves.  His speech, level of engagement and just the spark in his eye changed for the better when he began taking Tangy Tangerine.  We pray our family never has to do without.