Got your emergency kit?

President Obama advises Americans to obtain emergency kits for upcoming disasters | The Extinction Protocol – Obama chastised Americans for their “complacency,” and told them to be ready to evacuate when the climate-canes hit….WHAT? HOW DOES HE KNOW ANYTHING? OR SHOULD I SAY, WHAT DOES HE REALLY KNOW? VERY UNUSUAL MUST READ

You might want to check out Worlds in Collision, the planetary witness of the last greatest devastation of the earth from the Heavens, the Exodus.

There have been a lot of stranger things happening of late in the heavens and on the earth.  Quite a few actually, an uptick if you will.

Lots of folks are talking about 40 plus volcanoes going off and a record number of new ones.  Many times they are near the “earth spots” like sun spots, that we call storms. Several good pics/vids have been taken in the past couple weeks of sprites above storms, semingly showing the electrical connection to the heavens down to the storms.  I say seemingly, since it could spiritual in part or wholly.  EQ’s will occur nearby earth spots as well.  Interesting stuff if the data is true.  Lots of fireballs from the sky in the past month or so too, with booms and/or earth sounds.

Fireball Streaks Through New England Night Sky | NECN

Exploding fireball disintegrates over Portland, Maine video – Strange Sounds

Mysterious burning object flies in the sky of India video – Strange Sounds

Extremely bright fireball explodes in loud detonation over Puebla, Mexico – Strange Sounds

Bright fireball accompanied by sonic boom over central Mexico

Brilliant fireball over Japan on May 23, 2016 video – Strange Sounds

Mysterious burning object falls from the sky in loud bangs in UK video – Strange Sounds

Rare form of transient luminous event over Oklahoma, US

Bright Caribbean fireball flies over Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico – Strange Sounds

Bizarre lenticular clouds baffle Houston at sunset – Strange Sounds

Two fireball explosions in the sky of Brazil on two subsequent nights – Strange Sounds

Eruption, Earthquake, Flooding, MagField | S0 News Jun.2.2016 – YouTube

WHAT WAS THAT?! Bright light streaks across sky – ABC15 Arizona

Tornadoes, intense flash floods, and large hail continue ravaging the US Plains, no relief in sight

Strongest earthquake in six years hits Norseman, Western Australia – Strange Sounds

Biblical floods in Germany caught on video – Strange Sounds

Lake Riesco mysteriously disappears overnight in Patagonia, Chile – Swallowed by major Liquiñe-Ofqui Fault – Strange Sounds

Amid deadly floods, Texas Brazos River crests at record 54 feet – CBS News

Significant increase in new volcano eruptions in 2016 – Strange Sounds

Waiting for summer: Extreme snowstorm and winds in northern Russia – Strange Sounds

The Big Wobble : Five people dead as parts of Europe see worst flooding in 100 years: Parts of Britain colder than Christmas Day

Waves of mysterious sonic booms shake ground, shatter windows in Iasi, Romania

The one-in-a-hundred years flooding wreaks havoc in France

The fish, bird, and animal deaths are just as bad, especially southern Chile