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The satanists who rule this earth, do all their acts globally effective with sacrifices on their 8 sabbat quarters and quarter quarters. They use astrology, sacred geometry, and numerology. By the position of the sun, moon, planets, and stars they have been given over to worship and serve, they plan all major events on the planet. Their power over the earth has waned and increased throughout the centuries and not without much effort to instill fear in the peoples in order to break down their moral, spiritual, and cultural aspects, unto a new tower of time and a one world order. Without the people’s consent they can do nothing.

Their most recent acts are, Supreme Court Justice Scalia’s sacrificial death, while the Pope and the Orthodox Church head met in Cuba for the first time in over a thousand years to perform a blood covenant ceremony. Scalia’s sacrifice sealed the deal for the rise of Rome united again, on the day they say Rome was initially created. It was also one of the quarter quarters of their 8 sabbats, otherwise known as Valentine’s day, another pagan HOLYday. The Belgium airport bombing and airplane crash in Dubai, occurred around the Vernal Equinox, one of the four major quarters of the year, which always requires blood. Non-coincidentally, Obama was in Cuba on the day of the Belgium airport bombing. So what’s up with Cuba of late? Also, they had us observing Saint Patrick’s Day on March 17th, which is the birth date of the green man Osiris, the green god of Egypt. To SEE more of the past unto today: The Coming Civil War – Baal To Babel – Daily Crow

If you watch, you will see their timing we have been fooled to participate in. For future reference, according to their calendar, this is the year 2016. If you were to study the major events of world history, you will see it’s all on their timing of their 8 sabbat quarter heaven and earth worship dates. At some point, our Father and Yashuah will reveal all these things to the peoples of the earth so they can make their choice. He is righteous and good. We have a job to do, offer the awareness to others and eventually tear down ALL their symbols, pillars, their altars, and sacred groves on every hi hill and in every forest, which includes the pillars on our churches.

When we first started witnessing/exploring witnessing ourselves, we found what they call the Equilux. At first we thought it to be the best measure of His spring turn. It’s not, its location specific. They use a watch to measure the amount of light and dark to see if its equal or not over a particular location on the planet. Of course you first have to start with a definition of what is exactly sunrise and sunset to begin and end your timing. This is manmade interpretation and was not used by our forefathers to witness His Seasons.

The equilux is a “modern” measurement, which we believe to be purposefully confusing, as a last ditch effort to throw people off who are searching for the truth about time and who’s time it is we are following. The equilux has practically the same definition as the equinox, which is observable by anyone anywhere with very crude instruments and little understanding. It’s weird to us today only because we have been taught to rely on another’s watch. With that thought, what do we call the TIME piece on our arms? A watch. The question is, who’s watching?

We left our watch to them and willingly bind it on our arms by our ignorant acceptance. Time is the battle of the ages. Everything depends on time. Everything is a function of timing. The control of time is power not money. Money is a function of time. Money represents the time spent earning. Without time, there can be no interest on money. Without time, there is no economy. It takes time, as we say, to produce something and then to meet to exchange our productions, at a certain time.

Time is the fabric of the creation and just like a car engine, if the timing is off, it will self-destruct. We allow others to determine timing because of our blindness, going away from His Torah Heart Physics Timing made for mankind. It’s The Law. Easterners and New Age satanists call it Karma. If our hearts break the Torah Heart Physics of His Creation between one another, by transgressing against Him dealing with one another, other timing/calendars are MANifested, through division of lies in our hearts, and then war and empire over who will define and control time, which is the control of hearts, minds, economy, and navigation.

Watches, that we wear, were not created until the 1800s. Up until that time, everyone watched, using some form of sundial themselves. Even if they didn’t have a sundial set up, because of their connection with His creation, they could walk along a road and tell what time it is from a straight post off a fence, or the shadow falling off their buildings, etc. With our acquiescence of time to the enemy, we have no idea what time it is, except for, as in the days of Noah, the signs of the times/seasons, of earth, the heavens, and man.

Solomon knew how important the control of time is. As Solomon said, there is a time and season for everything and everything will happen again. Thus the reason, time is more discussed throughout our daily lives on a day to day basis, even more so than the weather or money. There are numerous books written by really smart good and bad people, analyzing cycles of economy, war, politics, cultural events, weather, sun, planets, plants, animals, etc. All these subjects are a function of time and are nothing more than proving what Solomon stated.

It’s good to analyze the individual aspects of the effects of the time we are following but if you don’t understand that all of them are related under ONE time and what time we follow determines what god we worship, then its futile, also something Solomon said. To put it simply, we can’t see the forest through the trees. The only answer is to get back on His Time and the only way that will happen is through heart repentance to simply submit to His Time through Yashuah. There is Yisrael Time defined by our Abba in the Torah and confirmed through Yashuah, and then there is Pagan Creation Worship time, made up by man, with dozens, if not 100’s, of ways to keep it. There is Kingdom Time and Satan/Rebellion Time, which is actually no time, nothing else.

Horus was a god or is a god of Egypt. Their word for hours and horizon is derived from Horus. Set was another god of Egypt and is where we get our word for SunSET. Set is the god of the death of the West, where the sun sets. Set was or is the god of disaster and storms. Sol Invictus, the “Unconquered Sun”, is used to this day by “The Church.”

So the question remains, what is our Abba’s Time? If we believe, He made ALL Creation and His Word says He controls it all and all of it witnesses unto Him. His Word states it so simply that even the rocks and animals obey His Time. The only solution we can see fit at this point is the one we are following now, which anyone on earth can be a part of, without any of man’s adjustments, which all of the calendars of man require. We stand ready for further understanding. We are not dogmatic about anything except that we are against lies and the manipulations of man born out of man’s broken heart that loves lies.

Time Is – It’s a Beautiful Day

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